Friday, May 13, 2011

Testing! Textured 1,2,3!

Textured 123! "Where children learn through their sense of touch!"

Mama Bzz hooked me up with them so I can review them for you! I like them becauseTextured Products are creative educational crafts for children ages 3 to 10. (Or older, because I had fun with my daughter doing it, and I am 27! :) The prices run from 1$ to 1.50 each! So they are extremely affordable! Textured 123! is made by Linda Scanlan who has owned and operated 1-2-3 Textured Projects since 2007.

Parents section and grandparents section.

Textured 123! sent us the Pond Creatures collection craft called called Pucker the Fish!

The package comes with three different decorative things (Each kit varies) that can be glued on to give your craft flair. You will need glue, markers/crayons and, for some, scissors.
Giana is 6 and needed help doing it, to make it look really neat! I think she enjoyed it much more than traditional coloring crayons and blank paper. It took us about 15 minutes to get it just right, and end result was so cute! See for yourself, in images below.

Day Care providers can order monthly sheduled kits to be delivered as well.
"Our program strives to meet the guidelines for the National Association of Education for Young Children (N.A.E.Y.C.), National Association for Family Childcare Providers (N.A.F.C.C) and National Head Start Programs. Due to varying state guidelines, it is necessary to verify compliance in your individual state." You can order these subcriptions HERE.

There are lots of different categories! Zoo Animals, Reptiles, Forest Animals, Holidays, Winter, Summer Fun, Fall Fun, Pond Creatures, Christmas, Farm Animals (my favorite collection), Insects, Transportation, Party Time (of note, the Party Time - Stork kit has a picture of a bear? Not sure if Textured products is aware of this) They also have Activity Kit Bundles for 4.99 each. They accept paypal.

I would have LOVED to try the Sticker Kits because they are peel and stick, and would have tickled Giana, because she loves stickers.

You can receive a Sample Kit for free + 1.50 shipping and handling.

Strengths and weaknesses.
The strengths are that it encourages children to be more creative, anyone who has read my blog nows how I feel about that! Its a marvelous wonderful thing. I think children today are exposed to far too much media. If you tell them to go outside and play, most will look at you like your crazy, like, "What are we supposed to do?" When I was little, we used to get on my grandmothers porch swing and "Drive a bus" with our baby-dolls and "pick them up" from around the yard to "take them to school". Or we'd pretend we were flower fairies.. Kids today have their DS games (and some have weight issues...) Its just bad. Not to pass judgement of something I am probably guilty of too, but we should definitely encourage our kids to get off the couch more. Get out from in front of the Tv!

Weaknesses? Unless you buy a bunch of them at once, they don't last very long. As I mentioned earlier- they do sell subscriptions, but they don't really say how many you get, but it is 12.00 per child + 10$ shipping. I would assume it has one for every day of the week for a month. But it might only be 5 days a week, and be 20? Like I said, it doesn't say. You can order these subcriptions HERE. My biggest issue with Textured 123! was, I am not sure what kind of issues either my email server, or theirs was having, but I had to contact them, and never got a response. (I checked my spam..) :(

We took the craft a step farther and made a collage of "water animals". I hung it on the fridge. its cute!

Stay up to date on when Textured Products has promotions or other things to say & follow them over on Twitter! @preschoolproj

End result? A novel idea, that kids love and I know I had a lot of fun doing too! Would I recommended? Definitely!
This is a Mama Bzz review. The product was provided by: Textured, 1,2,3 for this review.


Lisa Park said...

Very cute. I'm always looking for new and fun activities to do with my daughter. Just stopped by from the Voiceboks blog hop to say hello. I'm following your blog now.


Michelle said...

Hi there! this is really cute! My daughter loves crafts. I have a 7 yr. old boy and a 4yr. old girl. I'm following you now from the hop! Stop by and visit sometime!

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