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Whats YOUR stain story? KIDS ‘N’ PETS Review + FREEBIE

Kids 'N' Pets is a company made by Paramount Chemical Specialties. It is a wonderful stain remover that works on a number of things, even really old stains, as I found out.

One thing really neat about Kids 'N' Pets is they have a Pet Partnership program, which basically contributes to pet adoption agencies to offer a free bottle, to help clean up after new pets adjusting. I think that is VERY cool of them. People are too quick to go buy a new puppy, when their are puppies who are at risk in shelters everyday. It offers a little incentive .. Hey, everyone loves a freebie! Check to see if there is a program in your area! For another freebie, keep reading, you'll find it at the end of this review!

Kids N Pets is 5 star recommended on Amazon, and also comes in big lots for super cheap there as well. That is nice especially for larger families. And in case you didn't know, prices differ on Kids 'N' Pets in bulk, but you can get two big bottles for 10 bucks, or you can buy 4 packs and 6 packs for 20 or 30 dollars, and they would last forever I'm sure. But- if you only want just one, you can buy at most Wal-Marts!

I was sent the KIDS 'N' PETS INSTANT ALL PURPOSE STAIN & ODOR REMOVER but they do have other products too, including: an odor trigger spray, a carpet powder, a dog spray for dander and odor (YES! It is safe to spray on your dog!) and also a laundry spray.
KIDS 'N' PETS DOG BODY DEODORIZER & DANDER REMOVER instanly removes "doggie" smells and wet "doggie" odor. So safe it can be sprayed directly on your dog, dog bedding, carpets, clothing upholstery, auto upholstery and more. KIDS 'N' PETS BRAND® STAIN & ODOR REMOVER will completely eliminate your messiest stains and smelliest odors -- EVEN URINE ODORS -- from: Housebreaking Pets, Potty Training, Bed Wetting, Vomiting, Incontinence, Diarrhea, Food & Beverage Spills.

I have a "GiGi" and of course I despise carpet, in fact, most of my readers (my friends and family as well) all know that my house has a lot of tile. Tile sucks, because I walk around barefoot a lot (I also despise shoes!) and I can feel every little thing I step on. Giana can NOT eat without making crumbs everywhere, and Devonny is 1, so you can only imagine the mess she can make. Alone. The two of them combined? Its crazy! We are navy, so we move around a lot and every place we ever lived we had to buy new carpet for at least one room. I swore after replacing carpet at my moms house after a fingernail polish accident, that I was through with carpet. And I am. However, you have to have rugs, or something. And yes, we have carpet on the stairs and in all the bedrooms. Its a nice mixture though. Because true as the statement that it is hard to keep carpet from getting stained. Its also very true that it is much easier to vacuum than it is to sweep. And no, if you are a man, you might assume that you can vacuum the tile. I suppose you can, but it really doesn't get all the crumbs up, I- unlike my husband, who puts shoes on when he gets out of bed and leaves them on til he gets back in... do not wear shoes! Unless I am going somewhere.. so I do feel all that I am walking on, and when you vacuum a hardwood/linoleum/tile floor, it definitely does not do the job!

If I would have had or known about Kids "N' Pets, I probably wouldn't have had to pay to replace all that carpet.. I usually use Mean Green, and it works OK. But I do not think it can pull off dried latex paint and 6 month old dried blackberry juice stains.

Here, let me tell you about these stains..

My stain story

The first is in the baby's nursery... I- being the SAH bored mommy that I am, have a creative flair and saw THE CUTEST (and super expensive, might I add) fan and doorknob pulls on They sent me a catalog while I was pregnant, and I got to browsing their website and saw this ceiling fan for TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE DOLLARS, and thought No Freaking Way! I can so do that myself. And I did! (I'll even post a pic of it below!) BUT problem was, I might have spilled a little bit on the orange paint on the carpet.. Aw pooh! I just use the rug to hide it.. (LOL) I did that stain when she was 2 weeks old. She just turned one year old- five days ago, so that tells you just how old it is. Yikes!
Yes, if you are wondering.. it got it up. Cool!
PS, I also made some doorknob pulls for Devonny's room that same day, that I copycat from Ababy that were also too expensive and super easy. They were anchors (Hubby is in the navy so I found it appropriate.) Ababy's anchor knob pulls were 11$ .. for ONE. And I needed 6. They were very cute but not for 66$ ... its not that cute!

Heres a pic of theirs (ABabys.. its all their fault.. haha) and thats how I got paint on the carpet.. :(

Here is the pic of my finished project (and the stain it left behind)

Yes - its a minuscule stain, but think.... it is acrylic paint (like you buy in the crafts section at Wal-Mart) that was on there for almost a year. That came completely off, that I also thought would be there forever...
Here it is gone...
(The rug never moved- by the way.)

On to a stubborn stain in Giana's room. About six months back, she got sick one night. She puked in the middle of the night, like sleep puked? I am a heavy sleeper. She went back to bed. The next morning, I was like, "Oh man!" Lets just say she had eaten blackberries (one of the WORST staining foods that you DO NOT want to get on your carpet, or anything for that matter! Much less sit on carpet overnight unknowingly.
Another rug cover upper....
Here is her room, and my clever disguise of the stain that I tried in vain to remove the next day.
(WOW, thats a lot more serious than in Devonny's room, huh?)
You can see where I tried to clean it off, and was unsuccessful... It did come half off. But not completely.

Now lets see some pictures of it gone, shall we?

I'm convinced!

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KID ‘N’ PETS BRAND® STAIN & ODOR REMOVER - #1 against pet odor from pet accidents!
KIDS 'N' PETS was specifically designed for cleaning up after all those wet, messy, smelly kid and pet accidents. KIDS 'N' PETS will remove the stains AND COMPLETELY ELIMINATE ALL ASSOCIATED ODORS from a wide variety of fabrics and surfaces. Removing urine odors from pet accidents is a breeze!

Removing urine odors from bedwetting or potty training has never been easier!
Potty training the newest member of the family can be exasperating! But removing urine odors and urine stains from bedwetting accidents on mattresses is a KIDS 'N' PETS specialty! The high speed enzyme formula in KIDS 'N' PETS goes to work instantly!

Try KIDS 'N' PETS on pet odor removal from puppies and kittens.
Housebreaking a new pet? KIDS 'N' PETS is so effective on pet odor removal from pet accidents that even your new pet will not be able to find his accidents! KIDS 'N' PETS is a lifesaver at removing urine odors from older incontinent pets as well.

Cleaning up pet stains and odors from cat hairballs is easy!
Does your cat sometimes throw up those wonderful hairballs all over your carpet and upholstery? No worry! KIDS 'N' PETS will immediately neutralize those pet stains and completely eliminate the odor. Cleaning up after pet accidents is fast and easy.

• Non-toxic, non-flammable and
non- irritating
• Biodegradable and Cruelty Free
• Use on any water-safe surface

So what are you waiting for? Find a location near you HERE by entering your zip code!

Another Freebie?
I do not know how long this is running, but right now they have a mail in rebate offer, you can get by "Liking" Their Facebook page in the links above. When you do, got to Free KnP on the left sidebar of their Facebook page, (Or by clicking the link I just typed, thats much easier, huh?) And it will direct you to a rebate you can print out and mail in with proof of purchase.
Voila! Free KnP! Take advantage of the offer and give it a test run. Upload your pics to Kids 'N' Pets Facebook wall, and while your at it, "Like" Locomotion of Expressions Facebook page, so you can share on my wall your Kids "n" Pets before and after photos! I'm interested in your stain story!


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