Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TheraBreath Review & GiveAway!~ ***CLOSED!!!***

Therabreath Review & GiveAway!~ ( arv = 34 $ )

CLOSED!!! Winner: filesnstyles@gmail.com

Get rid of your bad breath!

I had never heard of Therabreath before.... Therabreath is for people with bad breath naturally, or halitosis. I had also never heard of "Tonsil Stones"? Still not completely sure I understand that, but from what I can see online (go google.. LOL) - Tonsil stones are "foul-smelling, whitish yellow globs of mucus, debris, and bacteria. Often misdiagnosed by dentists, they are very common.." Ok, maybe this is what my husband has. I always figured it was possibly something to do with his kidney cysts, or maybe acid reflux because he can brush his teeth, and go to kiss me.. and it's like it is coming from inside him? Its SO foul. I guess I'm glad to know he doesnt read my blog, because he probably would not like me sharing that. The truth is, its quite bad. Worst I have ever encountered. Really though, if you are affected by this problem (such as I) then you know as well as I do, that it is OUR problem. Not theirs. Sure its embarassing to them, but they don't have to smell it! And he burps constantly. You dont want to know... oh my goodness... I'll just save you and stop there. So when I got accepted for this review, I thought, GREAT!~ We can BOTH use it. Nothing seems to work on him. But honestly, in the two weeks he has been using it.. I haven't noticed anything stinky at all. I guess he is too embarassed to talk to a doctor about it? Possibly his diet? I haven't the slightest! Why is it men will wait til they are half dead to go to a doctor? Most women, we cough once and our appointment is made for the next (or the same..) day!
Here is what you can win by entering this giveaway!

1 tube of Therabreath Toothpaste

1 box of Mouth Wetting Lozenges

1 bottle of Therabreath Oral Rinse/Mouthwash

(That's what I got as well.) But not only do they have the above mentioned - they have all sorts of products to fit your needs! Whitening products, even pet care for Fido's bad breath! :) They have a sale section, and money saving bundling Kits! Different kinds of toothpastes and mints.. among other things.

What we thought:
I thought the mouthwash was nice because it wasn't overpowering / burning alcohol. It was nearly flavorless. Seems to work great!
The lozenges taste so good! They remind me of the mint white lifesavers ((which I LOVE)) except they have a very light hint of orange. They are small and individually wrapped and come 100 to a box! They attack the problem at the source, not mask it.
The toothpaste (which is clear) is good because it has no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (which not only is bad for your hair, but also your mouth) especially if you get cankers or cold sores. I also liked that the toothpaste is also very lightly flavored and has aloe vera- a natural and healthy ingredient. "The aloe vera works by boosting the body's ability to create collagen, which in turn strengthens weak and swollen gums to heal more quickly. (Bleeding gums provide a protein food source to the bacteria that create bad breath). No other "anti-Halitosis" system contains this form of Aloe Vera to fight this added problem."

What NoE thought:
The mouthwash - "It is not bad" (Whatever that means..)
The lozenges? He said, "They taste really good."
The toothpaste, "Don't like how you have to start out with the toothbrush dry. But I do like how it doesn't foam up."
Helpful, isn't he? So cooperative!

About the website -
First of all their website is so immaculate and well organized, easy to navigate and my favorite part! They have a online breath evaluation! See for yourself CLICK HERE!
Also of interest they will be releasing a new probiotic that can help your body's ability to resist cavities, sore throats, etc.…

Why Therabreath works

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This giveaway is only open to residents of the USA and for adults 18 and up. Sorry, no exceptions! There will only be one winner. I was not compensated for this review and the opinions contained herein are all my own! ~Good Luck!~


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