Wednesday, May 18, 2011 Semi-Hilarious comedy (i think it is!)

No One is Spared!

Hogwild is a little racy for my blog, I know. But I can't help it. He's funny! I can't exactly remember how I found his comics years ago. But I did, and signed up for his newsletter. I would forward the funny comics to my friends, sometimes, Photobucket them and put them on a myspace bulletin.. I can't help it. I'm telling you, this guy is funny! Don't believe me? See for yourself below!

Funny MySpace Pictures

Funny MySpace Pictures

Funny MySpace Pictures

Image hosting by

Funny MySpace Pictures

Funny MySpace Pictures

SO FUNNY! TRY IT! Valentine's Ad-lib story maker! (I am posting mine in the comments f this post if your interested!)

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Funny MySpace

Bad Santa!

funny myspace cartoon

funny myspace cartoon

If you are interested in seeing MORE of these cartoons, click here! also on that page- you can buy a special ebook of his relationship joke comics for $5!

HA HA at this! also freekin funny!& yet another Racy hilarious joke

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gkbccb said...

As p[romised (above) my valentines Ad-lib story came out like this:
Here's Your HogWild Valentine's Day Story!
Valentine's Day is a time to show Noah all your love. Usually this is done with best condoms and a romantic pork steak.

Some common gifts include: a long-stemmed aloe, chocolate pussy, expensive bling bling, and a card with a poem like:
magnolias are pink
spiders are blue
You are so hairy
And you have really sloppy legs!

You might want to give Noah sexy socks made of polyestery lace. What a sight that would be! legs spilling everywhere!

But first pork steak over soft candlelight while your smooth seductive snoop dog CD plays in the background. That song gin and juice always gets you in the mood. The scent of your lover's perfume excites you. It smells like bear legs. How erotic!

That inspires you to tell him to meet you in the kitchen in just 7 minutes. You cover yourself from head to legs in maple syrup while whistling out of touch. You tell him to come forward and lick the maple syrup off your naked body-- especially the crevices of your legs. You whisper to him, 'Be my Valentine, sweet noE-poo. Make me scream like a wild frog who just got stuck in the legs with a rusty drill.' Your Lover then says, 'I want you to suck my ass and call me simone.'

You ask 'Who's simone? 'Oh that's my noE' is the reply. Shocked and disgusted, you try to leave but you're already strapped to the ottoman with pantyhose. You see him with a polyester whip! You KNEW you should have listened to your shelley and married a nice white housewife!

What a great story,

That made me laugh harder than the time Rosie O'Donnell dressed up as a big, bloated Cupid eating pork steak and wearing nothing but a polyestery diaper!
Now just cut and paste the story and share it with your friends. They'll think you are so sloppy.
Oh yeah, NICE poem! Since when does blue rhyme with legs?!!

Chana@ Mamma Town said...

Hi there! I'm your newest follower from Social Mom's! Hope you can swing by and return the favor:) It's always so fun to meet cool new bloggers!

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