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News of whats to come!

Locomotion of Expressions
also be looking for a review from therabreath and manhattan toy pj tots! :) Should all be up and running within a week or two. I am out of town on spring break right now! So count em, FIVE,
1 - skoy cloths
2 - girl leo clothes
3- therabreath
4 - manhattan toy pj tots
5 -

Are you excited? I am!

UPDATE! ~ Wed 4-6 two more

6 - Belli Kelocote scar therapy review and giveaway
7 - Educational Toys Planet Foamfetti

Monday, March 14, 2011

Charm Factory review & giveaway ***CLOSED!!!***

Wow! What a busy week I've had! Today I get to give you my opinions about Charm Factory. Then, if you so choose, you may enter a giveaway by commenting on this post (after you read it, of course!) for a finished charm bracelet like the one they sent me!

First of all, let me say WOW at the assortment of charms they offer! They have everything! From fancy, to flashy, to funny (bacon? haha) , to contemporary, to Twilight inspired!!
Charm Factory is a website that specializes in charms, bracelets, stamps, tags, beads, and components. Charm Factory is your go-to for making and building your very own charm bracelet. You can also personalize your necklaces, bracelets and anklets with letter beads, and cute little charms. They have sterling silver, wooden, lead-free pewter. Best of all.. they offer free shipping on orders over 25$!!!

Since Charm Factory no longer offers a paper catalog (Just my opinion, a good thing. The environment.. just saying!) you can download a .pdf version of their catalog here. If you arent sure what you are browsing for.. thats especially helpful! Catalog CLICK HERE!

Let me tell you all about the kinda of charms they have.
I'm sure I will miss a few, because I am not sure if there is that much room on my blog!
When I picked out the extra charms that I bought, to add to what they sent me- I was a little overwhelmed. My advice? Just search for what is near and dear to your heart. Whether it be your dog (all breeds, they probably have. I saw quite a few.) or be it humpback whales (yes, I saw those too!) ...
OK, now heres some of the categories and links for you.

The CUTEST pendants, Gold plated, Lockets, Pewter beads, Pewter charms, Inspiring Affirmation rings, Awareness ribbons, and much more..
western, birthstone, military, travel & transportation, graduation, luck & money, sorority, any and ALL sports, think its not there? Please prove me wrong. (They even have team mom charms!) religious, careers, gardening, picture frames, music, band & dance, hearts, letters, sign language, hobbies, holidays, foods, all things family, messages, clothing, purses, shoes, crystal, enamel, (which I think are really cute & colorful), beachy, babies & lastly, animals & insects.
Dont forget my absolute FAVORITE category Pave. Pave basically means a a style of setting gems so closely that no metal shows. They are breathtaking!

WHEW! *wipes brow* That was a LOT!

This heart bracelet is what they sent me.

I added these charms to it. (below)

My finished bracelet looks like this

If you are very advanced at making your own jewelry (I am not. :) You will be intruiged to know that they sell signature stamps. You can find them HERE. As well as- if you are advanced you will be interested to know they also sell jewelry making tools for the crafter in you. Find those as well, HERE

Charm Factory has their own blog. You can see it HERE

About the giveaway. There will only be one winner. This contest will run from 3/14/2011 to 3/24/2011 (noon eastern). Charm Factory is responsible for shipping to the winner. If you are interested to see what you will win you may go HERE. You will win a finished charm bracelet. (I bought extra charms for mine.) You are free to do so as well. They dont cost much, and they have a neat Sale section!

~The giveaway!~

((To enter to win this giveaway you need to be a public follower of Locomotion of Expressions.))

PLUS you need to do two of the following six things. Must do two and leave ONE comment saying which two of the entries you chose to do. You can also do the other things, and earn EXTRA entries for doing them. One comment for each extra entry -per thing you do. Hope everyone understands this! Good luck!~

You may - "Like" Charm Factory's Facebook page. Please also comment on their wall and tell them Locomotion of Expressions sent you. You can find their Facebook page HERE

You may "Like" my Facebook fan page HERE

Grab my button and tell me where to find it. (Top right sidebar)

You may follow my twitter HERE and Charm Factory's twitter HERE. Please follow both for this entry method.

Enter this giveaway for a pregnancy pampering kit by Belli HERE and comment back here that you entered.

Enter this giveaway for a grab bag of BabyLegs baby leg warmers HERE. Comment back here and tell me that you entered.

Remember you only need to do two to be entered and you can choose any two!

Also, dont forget to sign up for their email updates HERE, and be informed about sales and new items!

They accept

Thats it for now! Good luck!

Friday, March 11, 2011

E-Beanstalk Review is a website I found that makes shopping for children's toys easy. EBeanstalk has been featured in Newsweek, Daily Candy, Cookie (among many other places..) Ebeanstalk makes it easy by organizing and breaking it down to many different sections by age and gender.
There is a highly recommended Grow & Learn series that groups developmental toys in lots of toys for a discounted price. Each set has Free Shipping + includes a baby's first dictionary (with pictures!). Here's how it works. You pay the total cost of the series and they ship a new toy every 3 months!
Wouldn't it be nice to have a website do all the thinking for you? EBeanstalk matches the toys to the child's development.

My littlest baby, Devonny just turned 10 months old. I know, shes getting to be such a big girl! So when I found out I would be given the chance to review their website, I was excited! I really like the layout and design of the website. It made looking at toys for Devonny so much easier than any other website. Most websites you have to know exactly what your looking for... or else its hard to browse for a specific age group.

Are you a grandparent? Don't know what to buy the grandbaby? EBeanstalk has a special hotline AND discount codes set up! They will set you on the right path. Just give them a call and they will gather your information and help you chose a toy thats appropriate for your special little one! Read all about it HERE

You can sort the toys by top sellers, target age, gender and price ascending and descending.
I found a REALLY good deal on this Go Go Mini-town construction playsite! How cute! Most little cars are not made for one year olds! Its only 20$!

There is such a huge selection of toys for little girls Devonny's age! It is good that they simplify it for you, because otherwise, it would be overwhelming. I like that you can orgainze the toys by brands too. Because I really like Melissa and Doug toys! I found something I think Devonny would really enjoy... a play phone called Moms on the phone. That baby is obsessed with my Blackberry!

Their brand section reads:
"Over 100 brands from around the world make up our selection of great baby toys and toddler toys. What makes a great baby toy or toddler toy? Is it because it’s a unique toy? Because it’s a wooden toy or Plastic? European or made in the USA? A learning or developmental toy? Don’t ask us, ask our child-experts. They selected, tested and approved each and every toy on the site. AND we lead-tested all the toys on the site as well. We hope you enjoy our collection of toys...we are very proud of it."
They are so confident in their ability to help you identify what toy is right for you. As well as confident in the toys they sell they have ebeanstalk Happy Kid Guarantee!
If your toy is not age-appropriate or your child doesn't like the toy, return it to them within 30 days from the date of purchase for a refund. All of the toys are tested, selected & matched to a child's stage of development by our experts. Plus, each toy comes with a custom instruction card, written by our experts, to help you and your child get the most out of each toy.
There is a Clearance section...
I am impressed that they stock toys all the way up to age 12. I found their website to be just what the doctor ordered and will definitely keep it in mind for upcoming birthday parties/gifts. Be it for my own children, or her schoolmates. I didn't find any errors within the website, or any problems navigating it. It was a lot easier than looking around Target or WalMart's websites! What do they know about children's development? They know about mass purchasing for price cuts! Actually .. I did fine one error. In their newsletter signup it reads, "save on all purchases in 2010 " Of course, it is no longer 2010.. :)
But I would notice that! ( You'd have to know me to fully understand that statement!)
I found eco-toys! -Go organic!- Bath toys, outdoor, ride-ons, wooden, pretend play... Well I don't want to keep droning on and on about it. Honestly there is too much! Just click HERE and go see for yourself!!!!
Something they say on their website really hit home with me, "problem parents often report is a lack of information about how to use toys with their children in order to provide the greatest benefit and have the most fun. Our team has developed instruction cards and graduated play ideas for each of our toys." Isn't that the truth! Much as we love our children, it doesn't take the place of some good old fashioned expert advice.
PLUS - They have an online chat if you need assistance.
You can set up a wishlist, set Birthday Reminders...
Most importantly, please be careful when selecting toys for children. Most have small parts that can come off easy. Babies especially you have to be very attentive when selecting a toy for them. Everything goes in their little mouth, and not all toys are made with materials that are safe for baby to be putting in their mouth.
PS Part my little girl Giana (five years old.. watch me navigate the website and borwse..) pointed out that I wouldn't have even noticed? There are Free downloadable coloring pages. "Print them for me Momma!"

Well, I'm going to wrap it up. Don't forget to bookmark the site for the next time you have a purchase to make!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Skin MD review + FREE samples!

Skin MD sent me some samples of their shielding lotion and sunscreen for review. I liked the absorption and quality of the lotions. Their lotions are recommended for people with highly sensitive skin and/or skin conditions. I get acne pretty bad sometimes. So I have to be extra careful of what I put on my skin.

I like that they are one of the most safe lotions on the market. Ranked #1 "Most Safe" by the FDA! Its not greasy, and I didn't see any new bumps while or after using their product! This stuff helps strengthen your own skins natural defenses!

It is $18 for a 4oz bottle, the a little goes a long way. Definitely affordable. Everyone knows you need to wear sunscreen to protect your skin. But most sunscreens are heavy, greasy, thick and fragranced. You can literally feel it clogging your pores! But not with the sunscreen that I used. Its not as thin as the shielding lotion, but it has a "just right" consistency and absorption. As with all Skin MD products, it also is paraben free, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and dermatology tested.

You can get some samples of your own, by clicking the little box below that is flashing "Samples" :)

Locate your skin care here!

Here what they say about their lotion:
A shielding lotion does the real work to prevent dry skin in two ways.

First, it assists the inner layers of skin to absorb moisture. The humectant (an ingredient that attracts moisture) used in Skin MD Natural is unique to it and has been laboratory tested to be 6 times more effective than any other you will find in common creams.

Second, a shielding lotion enhances the power of the top layer of the skin to resist environmental irritants while protecting the inner natural moisture.

This can be a big benefit for those who cook, wash dishes and garden because Skin MD Natural helps skin retain its natural moisture and oils in the face of all those irritating soaps and chemicals.

Read all about how it works on their website. Skin care explained!

The manufacturer's website has hundreds of dermatologist and user reviews including many addressing severe dry skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. People with sensitive skin -- and those of us who like to live as naturally as possible -- will appreciate that Skin MD Natural is hypoallergenic, free of fragrances, parabens and colorants. It is made with more than 90% natural ingredients and 100% food-grade ingredients that are on the FDA's "most safe" list.

Watch videos about Skin MD HERE
Skin MD's twitter stream HERE
Connect with Skin MD (and any promotions they might be having) on Facebook HERE
Buy some of your very own Skin Care

Unfortunatley there is no "GiveAway" but you can score some of your own samples.

I resolve to call her up... a thousand times a day....

Though I've tried before to tell her
all the feelings I have for her in my heart
Every time that I come near her
I just lose my nerve as I've done from the start

Every little thing she does is magic
Everything she do just turns me on
Even though my life before was tragic
Now I know my love for her goes on

Do I have to tell a story
of a thousand rainy days since we first met
It's a big enough umbrella
But it's always me that ends up getting wet

Every little thing she does is magic
Everything she do just turns me on
Even though my life before was tragic
Now I know my love for her goes on

I resolve to call her up a thousand times a day
Ask her if she'll marry me
in some old fashioned way
But my silent fears have gripped me
long before I reach the phone
And before my tongue has tricked me
Must I always be alone

Every little thing she does is magic
Everything she do just turns me on
Even though my life before was tragic
Now I know my love for her goes on.

[ From : ]

Paramore - The Only Exception

Monday, March 7, 2011

Belli Skin Care - The Science of Safety -***CLOSED!!!***

Belli Skin Care is a line specialized for pregnancy, with pregnancy safe ingredients. Teratology screened to avoid birth defects, miscarriage or complications. Lact-med screened to avoid chemicals being passed through breast-milk. Free of BPA, Phtaletates, allergens, artificial dyes and fragrances, Xenoestrogens and ingredients that can interfere with the normal development of baby's reproductive system. They are also #1 reccomended by OB-GYN's.

They have a line for any need.

They have a pregnancy line, featuring an acne wash, belly oil, sunscreen, among other things.

A motherhood line (post-baby) featuring an eye brightening cream, scar therapy (Kelo-Cote, whic I will be reviewing at a later date, after its sufficient time to work..) firming lotion, nursing cream, and other great items!

A baby skin care line. Featuring diaper rash ointment, body wash, body lotions..

Click HERE to see them featured too many places for me to list!

You can use the promo code VIPMOM for 15% OFF their purchases, any time, all year round.
Until March 21st, when you shop Belli skincare a portion of the proceeds will go to the March for Babies AND when a shopper spends $100, they can pick one of three complimentary Belli Duo sets (up to $38.50 value!) as a token of our thanks for supporting the March of Dimes.

If you have any questions about their products, they have a special section where you can ask a doctor, and many questions have already been answered! Click HERE to read many common frequently asked questions. Don't be shy if you have some of your own!

Belli makes top of the line products and can be found in many stores online. I found the two years back at

There is a VERY interesting page that has numerous topics about Hand Hygiene, Stretchmark Fading, Scar Reduction, Slackened Skin, Dark Undereye Circles, Nursing Discomfort, Calf Cramps, Varicose Veins, Teeth, Nails, Hair, Pigment Changes, Dry Itchy Skin, Upset Stomach, Swelling, Chloasma (Pigmentation), Acne, Safety, Stretchmark Protection, Baby's Bath, Diaper Rashes... click HERE to get informed!

You can read their Testimonials HERE

What they sent me to review?
Their Stretchmark Minimizing Cream!
First of all let me say the fragrance is so intoxicating. Its very fresh and clean and sweet smelling. The product is non-greasy with remarkable absorption time. The cream features Darutoside, a healing plant molecule shown in research to help minimize the appearance of stretch marks. Also contains registril and darutoside, ingredients which are effective against stretch marks. Some clinical tests have been conducted to analyze the efficacy of these compounds in reducing stretch marks; it was found that they work on all skin types. It only has to be used twice a day for a month and thereafter once a day till the desired results are achieved.

I had stretch marks before getting pregnant, just from gaining weight. I got them as a teenager. I was always super skinny, and a size 5. I went up to a size 12, and got stretch marks on my hips and thighs. They have faded over time. But I have also had two pregnancies. My first pregnancy, as big as I got... (quite big) I didn't get any new ones. I think its because I was so young.. But not 100% sure. Other young people have gotten them. Maybe it was because I used cocoa butter creme (very greasy stuff btw) religiously.

My second pregnancy, however.. I did not get out so lucky. I got a few new ones. And *gasps!* even got a few on my belly. Which I was fortunate enough to avoid the first pregnancy go round... . I've used the Stretchmark Minimizing Cream twice daily for the 3 weeks as it recommends and the difference is amazing. The marks are still visible however it looks significantly better. The results will be well worth the investment.

Would I recommend this product to a friend? Definitely! I tried to get a good picture of before and after but my camera is not the best.. The pictures I took- you couldn't see them in. So I'm sorry to say I have no before and after photos.

The Ingredients-

Isopropyl Palmitate, Sodium PCA, Glycerine, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Rutin (and) Cetyl Hydroxyethylcellulose (and) Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3 (and) Phaseolus Lunatus (Green Bean) Extract (and) Palmitoyl Oligopeptide , Hydrolyzed Cucurbita Pepo (Pumpkin) Seedcake, Centella Asiatica Extract, Cyclomethicone, Darutoside, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil , Glyceryl Stearate, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit , Phenoxyethanol, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Carbomer, Citrus Nobilis (Mandarin Orange) Peel Oil , Triethanolamine and others.

The winner of this giveaway
will receive one Pregnancy Pampering Gift Set! (retails 29.99)
Includes: Pampered Pregnancy Body Wash 4 oz, All Day Moisture Body Lotion 4 oz., Elasticity Belly Oil 2 oz. and Skin Smoothing Body Exfoliator.
Experience total pampering for your body and mind with Belli Pregnancy Pampering Collection. Indulge and soothe your skin with our four favorite pregnancy products. Ease your mind with the knowledge that Belli helps promote safe pregnancies, guarding against ingredients linked to birth defects. Because that is what Belli is all about: pampered protection.

To enter this giveaway all you have to do is "Like" my facebook fan page. Thats it.
You can do so by clicking HERE. Then, place a comment on this post with the display name that is now a Locomotion of Expressions FaceBook fan!

You can earn ONE extra entry by liking and following Belli's social networks on facebook HERE and twitter HERE. (one comment - both most be done to count.)
PLUS earn another extra entry by posting on their Facebook wall that " Locomotion of Expressions set you!"

You can earn ONE extra entry per day by tweeting this sweepstakes (after you follow me HERE of course..) Simply cut and paste this into your twitter. Then, come back here and let me know that you did, and your twitter ID.

" @1caseycolette #win Belli Skincare #pregnancy pampering kit on Locomotion of Expressions #giveaway #sweepstakes! "

You may also earn 8 extra entries by making a purchase on Forward me your purchase confirmation email to furobby AT yahoo DOT com and place eight separate comments all saying "PURCHASE" You can use the promo code VIPMOM for 15% OFF their purchases, any time, all year round.

This sweepstakes will be over March 21st 2011 at 12pm eastern time. (noon)

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.

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BabyLegs review and giveaway! ***CLOSED!!!***

CLOSED! Winner is: Jessica King Thanks everyone for participating!
BabyLegs is a company based out of Seattle WA. They make socks, tights and REALLY cute leg warmers for BOYS and GIRLS! (See the pics below for the CUTE pictures of the boy ones (and keep in mind, that is not the ONLY boy ones they have, just the ones I think are the cutest!!!!)

I have partnered with BabyLegs to review a bunch of their awesome Babylegs warmers, tights and socks! I was really excited about this one, because I have been an adoring fan of BabyLegs since I saw a woman at the NEX (navy exchange) store with some on her baby! I commented on them and she said they are neat because they are easier than tights for wear under dresses. Because they protect their knees and look fashionable, plus with them on diaper changes are super simple! (Because you don't have to take them off to change the baby!)

For the giveaway, they are offering a grab bag for the winner. I do not know exactly what it pertains to. But I would assume at least 3 items, probably 2 leg warmers and 1 set of socks (2 pairs).. When I find out what they are offering I will come back and edit this part! LOL! They told me that the winner would need to tell them what size and what gender... Heres the important part, you MUST check you spam messages daily. I will only give the winner 36 hours to claim their prize before selecting another winner! This giveaway will run from 10am eastern Monday 3/7/2011 to 3-21-2011 10am!

The BOY BabyLegs

Enter to win Babylegs below!

They sent me some of their items to review! I was not paid to endorse them and these are my honest opinions!
Here is what they sent me (and pics of my youngest daughter Devonny wearing them....)
They sent me Rose Dots Tights

They were size 9-18 months (She is 9mo) so they were a little big.. but she has very chunky legs and I like that they will grow with her. Cutest detail? They have polka dots in she shape of a large heart on the rump! Loves it!!!

They also sent me their Meadow LegWarmers

As you can see they are a little big, and they were one size fits most. But again, I suppose as fast as she grows. That is not necessarily a bad thing.

They sent me their Blooms LegWarmers

(She wouldn't be still to let me get a pic!) These are cute. But when I picked out the leg warmers for review I drew an unlucky card. They didn't want me to get the ones I wanted.. they wanted me to review their spring line! *sad face* I do not like the spring line. It has too much white, which any mom knows will not last long at ALL. Especially around my house.. Look again at those pics.. My house is covered in tile from front door to back. (Minus the bedrooms) I sweep like a crazy person and mop too, but with a five year old "dirt bug" (Giana likes to play outside and gets REALLY dirty) Its hard enough to keep BabyLegs clean, much less them being white. So I am sure she wont get many wears out of them. These have the most white. The pattern is cute. But white, once again, just does not work for me. Their entire spring line is mostly white.....

Lastly they sent me their Sweet Tooth Socks The purple pair pictures cupcakes and the pink pair has hard candies.. They are so cute they have little matching ruffled piping around the top.

The cupcake ones...I liked best! (Of everything they sent!)

The candy ones...

( Tee-Hee! I don't know if you noticed but the horsey from the first pics of her in the tights got a makeover last night and is now looking way spiffier! )

Also just to let you know, some BabyLegs I am anxiously awaiting are the....... (*** DRUM-ROLL PLEASE......*******) Hello Kitty line! Me and my girls (Yes, even my dirt-bug Giana) are super girly and anything Hello Kitty catches our eye!!!!

You can buy some of you very own BabyLegs HERE They also sell their stuff on Amazon! HERE
RIGHT NOW they have a deal where if you spend 25$ you get 20% socks using the code ILUVSOCKS. Also, everyday they have a daily deal on their homepage at on the top right corner showing a highly discounted item. Pretty cool!!!

You know these giveaways can get quite dull and the entry methods are rather dull too. So, that being said, lets change it up!

_______MANDATORY ENTRY_______ You MUST be a public follower via Google Friend Connect. (GFC-right sidebar) Go to BabyLegs website HERE Instead of you telling me what your favorite item they offer is, lets get more insightful and tell them what your least favorite item is and MORE IMPORTANTLY... why? And don't think of it as being rude. Critque is always a good thing and lets people know where they stand and their pros and cons with their customers/fan-base. Please be sure that you leave your email address in your mandatory comment if you do not have your blogger public. Also, if you are unsure. Then go ahead and leave it as well. If I do not know it, I cannot contact you for your prize!

For extra entries... (Each thing you do counts as one extra entry and a comment must be left for each separate thing. IE: If you "Like" them on Facebook, leave your Facebook URL.. etc etc )

1 Entry - "LIKE" BabyLegs on Facebook by clicking HERE earn another extra entry by telling them on their wall and posting a second comment here that you told them "Locomotion of Expression's Casey" sent you.

1 Entry - "Like" my blog's fan page on Facebook HERE

1 Entry - "Follow" my twitter and Babylegs twitter HERE (me) HERE (BabyLegs) Must follow both to count and only leave ONE comment saying you did so.

1 Entry - Follow "A Little of Everything" and comment on one of her posts saying Casey sent you. HERE

This giveaway will run from 10am eastern Monday 3/7/2011 to 3-21-2011 10 am!

Shutterfly bites, post office too.... UPDATE

Please see this blog before you read below..


UPDATE! It is now March 6th... and even though I contacted Groton Post Office as SOON as I realized they had my envelope (through the tracking..) and saw it was "undeliverable" and told them where to send it to.. it STILL has not made its way back to me. In fact, it sat at the JAX office to be routed to where I live, for SO long, I called 1800askusps and opened an investigation on it. The lady from my post office said she'd help me get it, and didnt know why it hadnt already been sent to me. So, I logged in a few days later to check the tracking AGAIN, and guess what? Its headed up north again! Yeppers! I'm sorry but as much as they charge for the price of a stamp... this is a little ludicrous. Here, I'll cut and paste the tracking info for you , so you can see for yourself JUST how ridiculous this actually is...

(read it from the bottom up, its backwards...)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Riding boots for someone who's never rode a horse

Guest post written by Jessica Rickman
I don't really like to do many daring things. Like I hate going to amusement parks because people are always disappointed when I tell them that I won't ride the roller coasters with them. So I've definitely never and won't ever get on a horse. I just don't trust them. I guess it's good that I live in a time when I don't have to depend on them to get anywhere!
But just because I've sworn to never get on a horse doesn't mean that I can't mimic the style of people that do ride horses. I really want some riding style boots. I spent almost like two or three hours a few days ago looking online with my High Speed Rural Internet to find a pair like I wanted. I finally did find some that were perfect.
Actually, they were my first pair of boots that weren't rain or snow boots! But they're so cute when I put them on and tuck my jeans into them and they're so easy to wear like that too.

gas prices.......


Let's just hope it goes down some by spring break with me and that gas-hog I call the Enclave...

Gigis 1st soccer game!

Saturday March 5th!

Giana's VERY first soccer game. The baby was good, the gnats didn't swarm us.. So yay!
I got some pics of her playing I wanted to share with you guys! So cute! I was excited because she got the number three on her jersey! Thats a lucky number! (If you ask me...)

So, what do you think? A star in the making? Lookout, Davis Beckham! :)


They aren't supposed to keep score for this age but lets say if we did we would've smoked the opposing team! One little boy was kicking butt and taking names! Gigi didn't get any goals but she did good!