Saturday, March 5, 2011

Riding boots for someone who's never rode a horse

Guest post written by Jessica Rickman
I don't really like to do many daring things. Like I hate going to amusement parks because people are always disappointed when I tell them that I won't ride the roller coasters with them. So I've definitely never and won't ever get on a horse. I just don't trust them. I guess it's good that I live in a time when I don't have to depend on them to get anywhere!
But just because I've sworn to never get on a horse doesn't mean that I can't mimic the style of people that do ride horses. I really want some riding style boots. I spent almost like two or three hours a few days ago looking online with my High Speed Rural Internet to find a pair like I wanted. I finally did find some that were perfect.
Actually, they were my first pair of boots that weren't rain or snow boots! But they're so cute when I put them on and tuck my jeans into them and they're so easy to wear like that too.


Princess Jibi said...

I know the feeling... I dont go on roller coaster rides either. But I think I will try riding a horse one day. I hate shoe shopping too. So glad that you found some you like.

Crystal said...

I've ridden since I was 4- my riding boots are totally not fashionable, but by far my most comfy boots!

sandiesfriend1 said...

We had horses when I was a teenager, and they are among the most gentlest, smartest animals on earth! Riding a horse is as easy as...well~ "falling off a horse!"

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