Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shutterfly bites, post office too.... UPDATE

Please see this blog before you read below..


UPDATE! It is now March 6th... and even though I contacted Groton Post Office as SOON as I realized they had my envelope (through the tracking..) and saw it was "undeliverable" and told them where to send it to.. it STILL has not made its way back to me. In fact, it sat at the JAX office to be routed to where I live, for SO long, I called 1800askusps and opened an investigation on it. The lady from my post office said she'd help me get it, and didnt know why it hadnt already been sent to me. So, I logged in a few days later to check the tracking AGAIN, and guess what? Its headed up north again! Yeppers! I'm sorry but as much as they charge for the price of a stamp... this is a little ludicrous. Here, I'll cut and paste the tracking info for you , so you can see for yourself JUST how ridiculous this actually is...

(read it from the bottom up, its backwards...)


Nikki said...

Whoa, that's crazy! How is it that your package has been up and down the entire eastern seaboard several times, yet still can't make its way to you?

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