Friday, March 11, 2011

E-Beanstalk Review is a website I found that makes shopping for children's toys easy. EBeanstalk has been featured in Newsweek, Daily Candy, Cookie (among many other places..) Ebeanstalk makes it easy by organizing and breaking it down to many different sections by age and gender.
There is a highly recommended Grow & Learn series that groups developmental toys in lots of toys for a discounted price. Each set has Free Shipping + includes a baby's first dictionary (with pictures!). Here's how it works. You pay the total cost of the series and they ship a new toy every 3 months!
Wouldn't it be nice to have a website do all the thinking for you? EBeanstalk matches the toys to the child's development.

My littlest baby, Devonny just turned 10 months old. I know, shes getting to be such a big girl! So when I found out I would be given the chance to review their website, I was excited! I really like the layout and design of the website. It made looking at toys for Devonny so much easier than any other website. Most websites you have to know exactly what your looking for... or else its hard to browse for a specific age group.

Are you a grandparent? Don't know what to buy the grandbaby? EBeanstalk has a special hotline AND discount codes set up! They will set you on the right path. Just give them a call and they will gather your information and help you chose a toy thats appropriate for your special little one! Read all about it HERE

You can sort the toys by top sellers, target age, gender and price ascending and descending.
I found a REALLY good deal on this Go Go Mini-town construction playsite! How cute! Most little cars are not made for one year olds! Its only 20$!

There is such a huge selection of toys for little girls Devonny's age! It is good that they simplify it for you, because otherwise, it would be overwhelming. I like that you can orgainze the toys by brands too. Because I really like Melissa and Doug toys! I found something I think Devonny would really enjoy... a play phone called Moms on the phone. That baby is obsessed with my Blackberry!

Their brand section reads:
"Over 100 brands from around the world make up our selection of great baby toys and toddler toys. What makes a great baby toy or toddler toy? Is it because it’s a unique toy? Because it’s a wooden toy or Plastic? European or made in the USA? A learning or developmental toy? Don’t ask us, ask our child-experts. They selected, tested and approved each and every toy on the site. AND we lead-tested all the toys on the site as well. We hope you enjoy our collection of toys...we are very proud of it."
They are so confident in their ability to help you identify what toy is right for you. As well as confident in the toys they sell they have ebeanstalk Happy Kid Guarantee!
If your toy is not age-appropriate or your child doesn't like the toy, return it to them within 30 days from the date of purchase for a refund. All of the toys are tested, selected & matched to a child's stage of development by our experts. Plus, each toy comes with a custom instruction card, written by our experts, to help you and your child get the most out of each toy.
There is a Clearance section...
I am impressed that they stock toys all the way up to age 12. I found their website to be just what the doctor ordered and will definitely keep it in mind for upcoming birthday parties/gifts. Be it for my own children, or her schoolmates. I didn't find any errors within the website, or any problems navigating it. It was a lot easier than looking around Target or WalMart's websites! What do they know about children's development? They know about mass purchasing for price cuts! Actually .. I did fine one error. In their newsletter signup it reads, "save on all purchases in 2010 " Of course, it is no longer 2010.. :)
But I would notice that! ( You'd have to know me to fully understand that statement!)
I found eco-toys! -Go organic!- Bath toys, outdoor, ride-ons, wooden, pretend play... Well I don't want to keep droning on and on about it. Honestly there is too much! Just click HERE and go see for yourself!!!!
Something they say on their website really hit home with me, "problem parents often report is a lack of information about how to use toys with their children in order to provide the greatest benefit and have the most fun. Our team has developed instruction cards and graduated play ideas for each of our toys." Isn't that the truth! Much as we love our children, it doesn't take the place of some good old fashioned expert advice.
PLUS - They have an online chat if you need assistance.
You can set up a wishlist, set Birthday Reminders...
Most importantly, please be careful when selecting toys for children. Most have small parts that can come off easy. Babies especially you have to be very attentive when selecting a toy for them. Everything goes in their little mouth, and not all toys are made with materials that are safe for baby to be putting in their mouth.
PS Part my little girl Giana (five years old.. watch me navigate the website and borwse..) pointed out that I wouldn't have even noticed? There are Free downloadable coloring pages. "Print them for me Momma!"

Well, I'm going to wrap it up. Don't forget to bookmark the site for the next time you have a purchase to make!

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There are some great tips here- thank you! new follower- kelli said...

casey, i was going to enter the giveaway- but i can't find that info??? bear with me- i usually catch on eventually-
i joined your site- will you check me out too please? (i like the cherries)

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this one isnt a giveaway, just a review. if it were i wouldve said to enter do this and that. but thanks for trying! thats sweet! :)

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Excellent review Casey. Though my children have outgrown toys, I still enjoyed reading this because yes! I have a new grandbaby on the way!
Meet your newest follower. Hope you'll swing by and visit me too:)
~ Debra

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really neat article about developmental milestones by ebeanstalk.

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