Monday, March 14, 2011

Charm Factory review & giveaway ***CLOSED!!!***

Wow! What a busy week I've had! Today I get to give you my opinions about Charm Factory. Then, if you so choose, you may enter a giveaway by commenting on this post (after you read it, of course!) for a finished charm bracelet like the one they sent me!

First of all, let me say WOW at the assortment of charms they offer! They have everything! From fancy, to flashy, to funny (bacon? haha) , to contemporary, to Twilight inspired!!
Charm Factory is a website that specializes in charms, bracelets, stamps, tags, beads, and components. Charm Factory is your go-to for making and building your very own charm bracelet. You can also personalize your necklaces, bracelets and anklets with letter beads, and cute little charms. They have sterling silver, wooden, lead-free pewter. Best of all.. they offer free shipping on orders over 25$!!!

Since Charm Factory no longer offers a paper catalog (Just my opinion, a good thing. The environment.. just saying!) you can download a .pdf version of their catalog here. If you arent sure what you are browsing for.. thats especially helpful! Catalog CLICK HERE!

Let me tell you all about the kinda of charms they have.
I'm sure I will miss a few, because I am not sure if there is that much room on my blog!
When I picked out the extra charms that I bought, to add to what they sent me- I was a little overwhelmed. My advice? Just search for what is near and dear to your heart. Whether it be your dog (all breeds, they probably have. I saw quite a few.) or be it humpback whales (yes, I saw those too!) ...
OK, now heres some of the categories and links for you.

The CUTEST pendants, Gold plated, Lockets, Pewter beads, Pewter charms, Inspiring Affirmation rings, Awareness ribbons, and much more..
western, birthstone, military, travel & transportation, graduation, luck & money, sorority, any and ALL sports, think its not there? Please prove me wrong. (They even have team mom charms!) religious, careers, gardening, picture frames, music, band & dance, hearts, letters, sign language, hobbies, holidays, foods, all things family, messages, clothing, purses, shoes, crystal, enamel, (which I think are really cute & colorful), beachy, babies & lastly, animals & insects.
Dont forget my absolute FAVORITE category Pave. Pave basically means a a style of setting gems so closely that no metal shows. They are breathtaking!

WHEW! *wipes brow* That was a LOT!

This heart bracelet is what they sent me.

I added these charms to it. (below)

My finished bracelet looks like this

If you are very advanced at making your own jewelry (I am not. :) You will be intruiged to know that they sell signature stamps. You can find them HERE. As well as- if you are advanced you will be interested to know they also sell jewelry making tools for the crafter in you. Find those as well, HERE

Charm Factory has their own blog. You can see it HERE

About the giveaway. There will only be one winner. This contest will run from 3/14/2011 to 3/24/2011 (noon eastern). Charm Factory is responsible for shipping to the winner. If you are interested to see what you will win you may go HERE. You will win a finished charm bracelet. (I bought extra charms for mine.) You are free to do so as well. They dont cost much, and they have a neat Sale section!

~The giveaway!~

((To enter to win this giveaway you need to be a public follower of Locomotion of Expressions.))

PLUS you need to do two of the following six things. Must do two and leave ONE comment saying which two of the entries you chose to do. You can also do the other things, and earn EXTRA entries for doing them. One comment for each extra entry -per thing you do. Hope everyone understands this! Good luck!~

You may - "Like" Charm Factory's Facebook page. Please also comment on their wall and tell them Locomotion of Expressions sent you. You can find their Facebook page HERE

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Grab my button and tell me where to find it. (Top right sidebar)

You may follow my twitter HERE and Charm Factory's twitter HERE. Please follow both for this entry method.

Enter this giveaway for a pregnancy pampering kit by Belli HERE and comment back here that you entered.

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Remember you only need to do two to be entered and you can choose any two!

Also, dont forget to sign up for their email updates HERE, and be informed about sales and new items!

They accept

Thats it for now! Good luck!


Keda said...

Entered by like-ing your FB page as well as theirs. I was already following you on twitter so I just followed them.

Now, if I had a bracelet, I would choose the peace one, and then add a love charm, a ribbon charm, a dolphin, turtle, wolf, whale, dragonfly, butterfly, cat, spider and elephant charm (as those are all the animals I love).
mmmm.... ok, i might eventually have to NOT pick some of those.... I would also love one that says thanks, hope and princess, an om sign, a .... I think I really need to stop now. If you want me to drown, then you could just tie this collection to me before you throw me in the river :)

Keda said...

PS - I think your photos are fine just the way they are. The only time I would put in less, is if you have something else to put in their place.

ALSO - your bracelet came out lovely. Mine apparently, would end up one swirling mess...

doroffee said...

I follow both fb pages :).

doroffee said...

I follow both twitters.

doroffee said...

I've subscribed to Charm Factory.

mverno said...

i signed up

Becki said...

I am a public follower of your blog, and I liked your page and the Charm Factory's page on Facebook :)

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I entered the BabyLegs Giveaway

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I entered the Belli Skin Care giveaway

lissaxolove said...

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I follow with GFC (mail4rosey).
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I like them on FB and told them you sent me.

mail4rosey said...

Xtra Entry: I follow you both on Twitter (mail4rosey).

purango said...

I follow your blog publicly. I like Charm Factory's Facebook page and commented. I like your Facebook Fan page.

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Chisum Crew said...

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mary said...

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AngelaK said...

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I also like you on Facebook!

~*~lilshuga2001~*~ said...

Liked your Facebook Page
Entered Pregnany Pampering Giveaway!

Thanks for the chance!

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