Sunday, September 27, 2009

OMG ....... enough!

I'm so sick of Obama, there's been so much crap- especially directed toward the military which as u know or may not. my husband serves in the us navy and directly affects our life. one big thing i hope doesn't happen is he wants to take away the veteran insurance to help deflect the national deficit. there are so many other ways to do that- and its not fair he tried to take away re-enlistment bonuses and actually did for a while and changed it. now this school crap. parents do not have enough time with their kids after their work days anyway. countries have smarter kids than us, not because of the fact that they are in school longer, but BC they are harsher on them and set the bar high to be met at expectations, by "shaming their family" and harsh punishments. this is what needs to happen BC we are so slack on our kids that the cps or dhr will straight take your kids away for anything. now i do not discipline Giana in any harsh manner BUT I'm saying that even if you do not, lets say your kid falls and gets a bump on their head or maybe you have an enemy and someone maybe even the kid is just SAYING THAT YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING,. they take your kids away and its damn near impossible to get them back. then they end up in our foster system which sometimes they will get placed in a good home, but lets be real not usually, so then they are in worse hands than before and grow up to be total bad asses bc they didn't have mommy and daddy love, and like the foster parents are going to keep them on the straight and narrow. most of them do it for the money.
we can not make our kids better by taking away more parent/child time but there are plenty of other ways. please do no re-elect this dude, hes done quite enough damage. now don't bash me on this, but i usually don't even care one way or the other, but this is affecting me. none of the other presidents have enforced policies this major and life changing that i remember, he is also trying to change the health-care reform in this country. which form what i have heard, which like i said i do not follow the politics, BC i do not care, usually i think well i could run over by a truck tomorrow and none of this shit matters. i prefer to spend my time on earth not about worry about the assholes in government and what they are doing, but spending time with my family. so blast me for saying that and say i am whats wrong with this country. i will disagree with you and tell you that i would be more interesting in watching golf. which i think would be a worse punishment for a child than standing in time out for 5 hours!!!!! if I'm not informed i shouldn't vote. and that's WHATS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY! the healthcare does need reformed but not the way he wants t do it.


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