Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i only entered 500 blog sweepstakes.

and i won how many 7? maybe 8- 285$ worth of product!!!!!

#1 - princess presto super why role play kit
#2- bath and body works butterfly garden perfume
#3- diaper dude CAMO
#4- ionic lightbulb
#5- baby butter
#6- princess godmother academy books
#7 -NOW i JUST also won a 3 bottle set of homepathic concentration medicine for kids called bach kids flower remedies in daydream remedy

im not bragging, im just excited
and if i am...
then so be it
do u know how much time I've invested ino winning these?
ty! like i said, ill view the products and comment on pages i own from aout them when i get back from my trip in 2 weeks, and i receive what it is im reviewing.

keep ur figers crossed i might win more!


Nickel Pickle said...

I have been slacking on entering contest! I was winning about one per week sometimes more. I need to get back to it but have not had time.

caseycolette said...

ahhh i rem the one i forgot to add yo this list and thats the pheremone perfume!!!! you now frm the black girl site. ad u posted a commet on it on facebook nonda?
anyway o so its one more than i had organlly thought.

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