Saturday, September 12, 2009

deathly afraid of spiders

and i leave the hotel room at the st Marys NGIS (navy gateway inn & suites) tvq where i am staying for the past week and for the next week. and b4 i slam them for the spiders, i have had one bad experience here before, but we'll get to that in a minute, but otherwise every-time i come here, something bad going down, i will say that the rooms are nice for 40 $ you get a full kitchen fridge and sink and it has a few essential dishes MINUS a stove, but there is a centralized kitchen area with a stove and an but we've never used it, we just buy microwave food. its easier. well anyway its got huge closets. two TVs and two DVD players, a pull out bed in LR and a bedroom w a door that closes (which is essential seeing as us navy wives don't see our husbands for months at a time, and those like me, that do not live with their husbands, need privacy form their children while the are staying in hotels here, BC i know NOONE here, and the ones i do i do not know well enough to keep m child, so i have NO babysitter.. :( pooh!. b4 say anything, and before i continue any further, the 1st thing i want to interrupt your train of though on is NO, this isn't the army, and there is no FREE hotel, idk if that's something reserved for the reserves but it is an option for some people, but for us, it is not. there is nowhere the navy provides us free to stay to visit. think how many enlisted there are on ANY given base, now think abut the water and power employees, supplies and things needed to "house" these people. plz believe I'm getting a great deal on this room, but they cant afford to house every person for free to visit, that's what they pay them money for. its their sole discretion as to what they spend it on. for us it means, we will be broke in the coming months (EVEN IF WE WERENT TRYING TO BU YA HOUSE) BC of my conjugal (lol) visit.. haha!
OK so where was i? i jut had to add that BC i get that SOOOO MUCH, everyone seems to know someone who has stayed fr free and that is just not so,
now the hotel is cute, i have free laundry services, which isn't dry cleaning mid you bu a laundry room with a bunch of washers and dryers i have at my disposal, (quarter free!) lol- so its nice, the issue this time however is the spiders..
idk what kind of spiders these are but usually i think spiders are semi territorial and will not group up the way this breed does, but i am pretty tall so the outside walkway to my motel door, the "ceiling" for lack of a better word is about 10 inches above y head. i can quite literally reach my arm up and touch it, (this is important later) there are (and i counted) 30, YES THIRTY spiders in span of 15 ft. from the door 204, to my door, 206 scattered along this ceiling, this is where the height of the ceiling falls into place, 10 inches form dropping on my head. they most all of them are either carrying insects they killed and wrapped or their eggs on their butts, idk. I'm not an insect person, i hate BUGS. anyway they ain't nuthin to scoff a either, I'm talking not tiny, not big, big enough to give you chilly bumps when you pass underneath them , terrified the are about to drop on your head. they are nesting near the flood lights that come on at night c the bug, naturally, flock around that area, but when i tried to ell front desk about these spiders, they walked down and said there was none, strangely BC they disappear at daytime? nocturnal spiders? i guess they are crawling up into the ceiling area, which isn't stone but some kinda vinyl with hole sin it breathable thing, so i had t get one to walk p with me that night and she counted them with me, but seriously, GROSS. then of course that was yest and this Friday and they cant spray til Monday, BC its the weekend. and I'm leaving what Wednesday/ i swear i i get bit!!!!! OMG!!! the last incident i ad here, ah- i hate O EVEN RELIVE IT BYT YPING ABOU IT, NTM, ITS A LONG STRY, THAT WULD REQUIRE QUITE A BIT OF EXPLAINING TO MAKE ANY SENSE @ ALL TO YOU, the reader, but ima tell u anyway. ok here's what happened....

we had a room here for 7 days. idk y but our key kept changing, not every day mind you but randomly. my Taurus, being the pos pain in the rear that it is, needed work, Noah took it to the auto mechanic bay on base- that has tools and lifts and you pay 3 $ an hour to use, well, he left us in the room, naturally, the park to this hotel was right outside our bottom floor hotel room, FRONT DOOR, so basically, you walk out the door, there it is. i made sure to bring the room key, and my phone, and i let her play, i go to return to the room, alas! my key doesn't work so I'm annoyed that i now in heels have to walk yet again to the front desk to be let in my room. there's this buck toothed rude black woman at the desk, don't take that the wrong way i have lots of black friends, if she was Spanish i would tell u as well, race isn't the problem, her attitude was. Anyway, continuing on with my story, she wouldn't let me have the card, even though, they were SUPPOSED to have me listed on the room, and had seen me in there everyday with Gigi AND Noah at snack and drink machines, as well as the free laundry room is attached to front desk room, do that they see you go in and out. they knew i was allowed in, but yet they said they needed to call him to get his approval. Him being the retard dumb-ass that he has been known to be, left the phone in the car whole he was under it, instead of in his pocket, god forbid wed have had a real emergency and he drove the mustang to the auto hobby shop to work on the Taurus, BC it had set there all night the day before where he couldn't finish it b4 the closed. so i had no car and he didn't have his phone on him!@? not cool Noah, they couldn't get him, so I'm like "what now?" they told me i would have to wait!!!! I'm calling his phone non-stop i know he has it on him I'm thinking, if i keep calling hell eventually answer, AND I AM PISSED!!!!! IM LIKE OMFG, If you know me, you know i wear dresses and heels and that day was in June, it was over 100 degrees outside. i had to walk across base, mind you its only a mile , but through tall grass and weeds, dragging my three year old, in HEELS and a dress. in the heat. i cussed him out naturally, and had to get him to stop what he was doing to drive me back to the hotel and let me in! you wanna see mad? i was PISSED! so would i recommend some stay here? the rooms are nice, but the front desk is negligent and there are spider infestations.
so your call i guess!


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