Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i won a book set prize pack!


"The winner of the Fairy Godmother Academy Party Pack is post #98 caseycollette who said "the last crazy dream i had i was in a restaurant with all my friends, i think we worked there- but there was this huge snake that was as big around as 3 people, and long enough to stretch (strangely inside the walls of the restaurant) and long enough to go all the way around the restaurant? weird right, anyway it was about to eat us when i woke up and that is a good thing to, bc the old wives tale says that if you die in your dream then you die in real life!!! OMG! i woke up thinking it was real, then realized it wasn't! thank goodness!" Thanks for sharing~" CONGRATS! I'll get in contact with you so I can get your prize out as possible. A BIG thank you to Fairy Godmother Academy for sponsoring this great giveaway and to everyone who entered! Keep checking back in with Southern Bella's Way To Save for more great giveaways and even MORE Ways To Save!

i will blog back later when i return home to Birmingham from Kingsbay GA and actually receive all these prizes that i won, assuming the post office is still holding on to them, since last time i went to disneyworld, and asked pell city post office t hold my mail, the ass**** manager there old me he sent a package of mine back, since they an only hold a package for so long, which pissed me off since i had a slip to have my mail held and i had actually returned back a few day early! then he comes out with the box like he was just kidding. wtf?
hopefully that wont happen again
like get a more mature "people person HELLO- he wasnt kidding he was being an ass on purpose bc of a prior incident - ill blog bout it later too! LOL
anyway i will blog to you later about all these great prizes, and give you my reviews on them, when i have the chance, bc right now, im trying to catch up lost time w my submariner husband who is NEVER around.
so ill catch yall on the flipside,
sometime past the 20th! (of sep, of course!)



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