Tuesday, October 1, 2013

@makitproducts Makin' them is only half the fun. Enjoy your child's #artwork at #dinnertime on plates they designed!! So neat! #iLoveMonsters

What I thought about Makit!

Some of the original templates, we drew so many, we had a hard time choosing which plates to order... in the end, I used some of my own money in addition to the three free plates for the blog review, so we could get more of the plates we drew.

Gianas cat drawing before it was printed on plate
Well if you missed my first post about Makit, check it out and see what they are all about, as well as get a special coupon code for a purchase. I loved that Makit offers you a discount, the more plates you order, the more money you save. But honestly, the best part was the not the quality, which was ON POINT *& impressive BUT instead was speed. see, I mailed off my form with the templates we colored on a Friday and the following THURSDAY not even one full week later I had the plates we ordered in hand. We were gifted 3 plates for this and the last review, but I did pay for extra plates with our own money. 30$ to be exact for the 6 plates. Not too bad, putting them at 5$ a piece for this blog review. In that case, I hate it when blog reviews cost me my own money .. BUT you know I am telling the absolute truth about the plates. I love them, and I am sure they will be treasured in the years to come. They are supposed to be dishwasher safe, but I'll just hand wash them for now... so far so good. I give this company 2 thumbs up!!!  Very unique gift that would be perfect for an adoring grandparent. With the holidays coming up, you should definitely keep Makit Products in mind: My readers save 30% on their Prepaid Art Plate Kit (that’s a savings of over $5!) - 
The finished cat plate is actually darker and prettier, before below.


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