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#BGCMiami 3 episodes left + reunion #spoilers #bgc11 #badGIRLSclub PLUS ranking of my top fave bad girls in BG History!

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Whats left in store for Season 11 (Miami)
10"'Nae, 'Nae Go Away"[39]October 22, 2013TBA
Shanae continues to rub everyone the wrong way, while new girl Mercedies brings a breath of fresh air into the house. 
11"Knock Your Socks Off"[40]October 29, 2013TBA
The ladies decide to take action against Shanae when her bad attitude pushes them to the breaking point. 
12"Cowgirl. Crapshoot."[41]November 5, 2013TBA
Andrea loses control when she fears she is the next target, while the other girls throw the wildest pool party in Bad Girls Club history. 
I feel sorry for this girl Mercedies and DEF for Shanae. I guess it's Shanaes karma for not forgiving Janelle and jumping on the I-Hate-Janelle bandwagon.

And don't get me started about how  I can't wait til the reunion pops off.

 I do or have noticed 2 things about BGC fans and shows that I find amusing.

Number one is:

The fans:  Of course being a blogger- I am super active in social media. One thing that get's on my nerves about some of the BGC and Oxygen fans, is unlike me, a lot of the girls that watch ARE self-proclaimed bad girls themselves And most of them surely are!! However, everyone LOVES to talk trash about the show that they are STILL WATCHING in episode 9. Within minutes of posting on Facebook, the BGC Fan Page will have hundreds, and by the next day, thousands of comments, most of which trash the girls. I cant speak, I basically just did the same. But you don't see me spouting off about how "this season is the worst season!!" I see that every episode in hashtags on twitter, and on FaceBook.. and honestly it gets old. OBV you like it enough to comment that you hate it. If you hate it SO much, why are you even STILL watching with 2 episodes left?

At least I admit I love this trashy reality TV show. In fact- I love the girls. There is usually one I cannot stand though. Last season; Valentina. A lot of the time on Social Media, they say the girls are ugly, which most of them maybe not be supermodel hot, but usually are all very pretty. Even in their own way.  Some downright adorable and sexy... it's just mean because a lot of the fans are females who prolly aren't supermodels themselves.  #justSaying.

Even sometimes a girl you think might be unattractive can grow on you if you keep watching the show, mostly because of her personality. I feel that when you live in a house with cameras 24/7 they're bound to catch bad acting or looking moments. Truth is: almost all of these girls are prettier than most anyone we know. They might not dress right- but who are we to judge? I like their styles and attitudes almost always, and get very annoyed at people trashing their looks saying "they're all ugly" or "worst season ever" So please back up a little. If its so bad, stop commenting then. Period, end of sentence. I hate to see what people say about me. So harsh.
Me; but I'm no "Bad Girl"

Number 2 is--
How do the girls not realize each replacement usually gets worse and they were better off before said "new girl". Like - they kick out Sarah; and they end up with Janelle.. who, wasn't bad, but just rubbed them wrong from the get go. So just like Sarah- who didn't really do anything to them either. Sarah did pick a fight w Gigi though.. but it still doesn't make me "dislike her".

They just take a statement and run with it, never forgiving. Ironically though- the group fights and forgives within itself, usually offending and forgiving for far worse crimes against person(s) than the "new girl" they so hate has ever done.
"Oh we hate her because she's new." No you hate her bc you feel like you have to. Or because someone like T or Jazmone is saying they don't like the person, so you never stop to give them a chance. Sadly, such is the way of life- and we all do it to people we work with our NEIGHBORS, ect, etc.

 Whether we realize it or not.

  You don't have to be best friends with someone  to work with or coexist peacefully with them. You don't have to torture and beat each other either. But I guess they feel like they have something to prove bc they are "bad girls" so it's a recipe for disaster anyway. 7 self-proclaimed bad girls who all live in a house with no men are bound to bump heads!!!  No?

The best moment of the season. Poor Janelle gets jumped and pushed out, but on the way out she splits and "bounces on it" in the driveway before she literally splits. I lovee that moment because it shows that even though they won physically, they didn't beat her mentally. As lame as they say they thought it was, I thought it was bad ass!

 It is so addictive and entertaining. My guilty "trashy" pleasure.

I love this show.
I would terribly miss it if it ever went away. yes there is a LOT of drama, but it is interesting to watch, IMO. If you like The Real World or MTVs "The Challenge" you'll love this show. Trust me!!!

I actually started watching Bad Girls Club I think in Season 5 and watched past episodes when they reran marathons on Oxygen (back when I had more than just Netflix and Hulu + ) anyway..I now have to buy episodes on Amazon at 1.,99 a pop. Phhoooey! Almost worth getting back cable, 'cept I "own" them on a cloud. The future has odd terms for stuff. Like I am so silly- I am picturing an actual cloud with a bookshelf that says "Caseys Amazon Episodes" .. LOL.

I never got into the first season too much, so I dk about them too much to make a judgement on them.

Without any further ado   *drumroll please**

Lets get some pics of the Bad Girls I loved most and would love to interview or meet, or see reappear on TV. I miss all of them, see- if I picked a "All Star" cast, these girls would definitely be on it. Some I feel like I personally know. I may not always agree with the things they did or said, but these have been my faves...

Season 1 - I know so little of, I didn't even know which city it was located in. But I found out 1-4 seasons were all in LA.

So Season 1- we will skip. I didn't watch too much of them. Hard to pay attention to IMHO. The show was more boring then, they made them work, episodes were shorter... one thing I did/have noticed too, about the progression of BGC (notice #3) is that used to you COULD vote a girl out, and hitting of any sort first meant you were gone. Now it gets more and more tolerable and the girl will have to really cross the line, or just instigate too much to be kicked off. My husband swears it is scripted. You can edit most anything to look any sort-of-way, especially shows like these, but I think he is wrong. This is just how girls are, you wouldn't have to script it- seems like...

The format for the first season of Bad Girls Club was different from that of subsequent seasons. The age range for season one was from 21 to 31. The use of nicknames was not introduced until the third season. Season one was the first in which multiple "replacement Bad Girls" entered the show.[16]
Although there were differences in season one, the current rules have applied in all subsequent seasons. One feature continued from season one was the way the show opened: viewers were shown the biggest and most intense physical altercation of the season, and the program then went back to a time before it happened. This fight usually gives you an idea of who is going to be the baddest, or one of the baddest, girls in the house. This altercation draws in many viewers and keeps them wondering what will happen next.

In the second season, the format of the show changed drastically. The maximum age dropped from 31 to 27. The cast of season two were given mandatory non-profit jobs to help them build a work ethic and to experience the stabilizing effect of being interdependent with others, for example in teamwork and commitment, to equip them for success in later life. Quitting the job or failure to attend resulted in mandatory removal from the show. The girls were given the jobs of planning, decision making, and building cooperation. Season two was the first and only season of the Bad Girls Club to do this, and was also the last to air 30-minute episodes.

Season 2, got a little better.. but not by much.

Of course Tanisha was everyone's favorite and I have to agree with the general public, shes pretty bad ass. Funny as hell! Of course we all know Tanisha for hosting the BGC Reunions & Love Games & she even had her own spinoff, (that is when Perez doesn't host reunions) I like Perez, but I like Tanisha as a host better.

Tanisha Thomas Wins!

Season 3, substantially better than season of yesterday- but the show in my opinion, still gets progressively better, despite what social media says. If not, whats up with All Star and Love Games, which I will comment who I wanted to win for those below.

Season 2 I liked Sarah- the brunette with the dimples who hated "The Ambers" two blonde ditzy (but funny) girls who were both named Amber, of course. I liked "The Ambers" though.  Here is a link to her: Sarah+Michaels. Sarah was also in Playboy.
Sarah also starred in a Love Games, so obviously not just MY favorite.  So she wins: (sorry Amber!)

Sarah Michaels wins!

Ahh Season 4 was SOOO good!!!

Season 4, when I started watching the "I RUN LA" AKA the Natalie Nunn season. Stop shaking your head. Although Natalie is a fan fave, we all love to hate her.  'Cept me. I don't hate her. I think shes funny, and she's pretty and she seems like a lot of fun. People really love to hate her, but she seems 'aight in my opinion. Although still not my fave. I actually liked Kate the best. Honestly, I loved the little nerdy girl Annie too, but between the three, Kate seemed to be my fave. Everyone hated most of the girls except Flo.. who is a fave from this season and had her own spinoff too. One thing you CAN say about Flo: she keeps it real. I will NEVER forget Flo throwing Amber across the patio by her hair and seeing her bounce on concrete. How is that even possible? She skipped her like a stone on water!

Production usually will blur and edit the fights so you cant see what blows are landing where. I don't know if they do it to look more "bad-ass" but it makes it look like they are amping up weak fights and makes it hard to tell whats going on and who is "winning" but the throw of Amber by the hair across the Patio was unedited and shocking. To say the least....And if I close my eyes, I can still see her bounce in my head. Oh yes, I can. I liked Amber, (sometimes) and I liked Kendra when she wasn't being a hoe.Sorry Kendra, maybe you just "got a lot of play". I guess I could relate to Kate the most.

Kate Squillace is the winner!

Season 5 - #DONEEEE! Miami

Ahhh Miami. The show heated up EVEN more than the "Natalie Nunn show" (which it kinda was..) and Became the Lea and Blondie show.  Although noone liked Danielle or Erica, I loved Danielle and Erica was pretty chill chick, who stood her own. I liked that. Still; Brandi drove me nuts with her drama/temper, although at times even she was lovable. Lea was just smokin' hot. But my fave, my fave has always been BLONDIE. But Danielle doesnt get enough credit for being real, pretty w/o makeup and just overall cool.  They called her Dirty D which I thought was SO not nice...

Winner?  Oh yes, it's got to be Kristen. She was too cute to be believed. So sorry Danielle.

Winner - Kristen Kelly Guinane  AKA  "Blondie"

Season 6 "Back in L.A" 

As far as my fave... Not much to say about this season. Char got on my nerves, I liked almost all the girls as usual. Not remarkable, but not shabby. I think Kori made this season the best, so she is my favorite. She, like Sarah: was also in Playboy. Sick body shes got, she also starred in a Love Games show, so obviously not just MY favorite as well.


Season 7- New Orleans.. 

AT first Judi REALLY got on my nerves, but I grew to love her in the last few episodes.  Everyone was OK, I never understood why the bigger girl, Staci wore tutus to the reunions and what-not. Doesn't seem like a very bright fashion choice. Her mistake to make I guess. Shelley got annoying in a way, everything became about "being gay" which I am 100% cool with. The one girl who annoyed me most had to have been Tasha. I loved Priscilla and Angelic but I guess if I had to pick a fave, Angelic wins for personality alone... (not that she wasnt very sexy..she is!)  so she was the fave of the season. I would've rather seen Angelic appear on All Stars and/or love Games, but they cast Judi. I got to give it up for Judi, her antics earned her the most screen time on this season, but I still liked Angelic better.
Angelic Castillo wins!

Season 8 - Las Vegas -

 Oh my I adored these girls. I absolutely LOVED Amy. OMGosh was she crazy-- but in a funny way. I also loved me some Gia.  Of course, the Twins were awesome in their own way as well. How could you NOT love Camilla, she was sexy and awesome. So this season we almost have to settle for a tie. As much as I loved Camila, I liked Gia and Amy more. But I have to give it up for my girl Gia,. Whom I have been disappointed to NOT see on the All-Stars or Love Games shows.  I also adored Erica, with her ghetto-talkin country butt. She was super funny and once you got to know her personality- actually very sexy. Despite the fire engine red hair.
Still, it's gotta be Gia. She reminds me of an old friend of mine, Ursala. IDK why- she just does.. always has.

Winner winner chicken dinner GIA Bianca! 

I think the best season as of yet was Mexico. 

Season 9 - Mexico.. The girls, the fights, the chemistry. it was ALL just right. Once again, we had someone swoop in and own the house as Lea, and Natalie, and others before her, Julie was the apparent puppet-master of the season. Julies personality made her attractive (to me, although most seemed to love to hate her.. I loved to love her) I loved that Julie was so straightforward about being a manipulative biotch. Self proclaimed mean girl, but still a lot of fun, and all without being fake. Its a delicate balance I tell you. Her love affair with her bestie, Falen made her seem more real. I loved  "sugar and spice"  Ashley and Rima was cool in her little way. They all were at some point. I didn't care for Erika but the "I Dont Understand Dance" was too funny.

 Meagen was annoying in that she bragged about money, lied about being Obamas daughter, and generally just thought her shit didn't stink. She DID look and act a LOT like Char of Season 6. Char was actually preferable, although both of their attitudes stank.
Of course, I loved me some Julie. She might be the one  would hang out with of all the bad girls of BGC history. I liked Julie too much. *Girl crush!*

Season 10. Atlanta.
I loved our resident redhead, Alicia. She was Amazonian and I'd hate to have her NOT on my side, she put hands on Janaes boogery nose... note to self: don't run into her in a dark alley alone. I loved Paula just for being chill and even though replacement Jenn was a firecracker I had a huge girl crush on her. She looks sooo much like Aayliyah. Shannon wasn't all bad, she just got the worst of the season, unfortunately for her... I was glad Rocky came in, sided with her and had her back. If only Andrea of this season (11/Miami) had been so loyal to Janelle.

Although I want to say Rocky is my fave, bc shes too-stinking-cute. I got to be real, Stephanie the flat chested stripper & resident lesbian was A-DORABLE! I loved that she ended hooking up with super hot Love Games contestant Andre. I think she married him. Maybe not so much of a lesbian after all!

She is my fave, sorry other BGC10 cast. I did love you all. Good season BTW!  I LOVE YOU Stephanie Your my #2 all time bad girl!!  (Julie just trumps all of yall, sorry..) And Valentina made the whole season miserable for me with her freak-out, strange shrill of a scream, and weird un-moving side of her lip. I just didn't like her at ALL.

Stephanie George wins!

Last but not least, our current season?
L - R : Teresa, Jazmone, Milyn, Tiana, Stephanie, Sarah & Gigi

Season 11- Miami: As you know, my fave is of course Sarah. Read my comments at the top to know what I think about this season. I like the girls though. Gigi almost gets my fave vote. :) Shawty got an A$$ tho. DANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I'm not diggin T and Jaz. I didn't like Jaz calling Andrea "Becky" if Andrea called Jaz "Shaniqua" she'd be racist.  It is such a double standard. I like Gigi and Stephanie is aight. I feel bad for Shanae. I think they went hard on Janelle for no reason. She was bougie but not deserving of the treatment the wolfpack dished out to her.  I wish Tereasa hadn't been sent home. She had some awesome tats. 

I think Milyn was funny, but was just trying too hard.. she seemed fame hungry and no relaxed and natural. She was very pretty. See here's the thing. Milyn is conceited and actually instigates and stirs the potand they tolerate her.  Janelle is just conceited and oblivious, not even instigating. Just little comments, and they hate her so much. It just doesn't make any sense if you think about it. I guess some personalities are destined to clash- like Janelle and Jaz. I just wish the wolfpack had brains of it's own and didn't just follow blindly. For instance: Tiana wouldn't have even thrown Janelle out if Jaz had kept her mouth shut. Jaz is a big sneaky instigator. Not in a cute, obvious and funny Julie (Mexico) type-a-way but in sneaky, innocent, hateful kind-of-way. These are just my opinions and impressions from the show so far this season. What are yours?

I don't Sarah harmed anyone, so I do think kicking her out was a huge mistake on the part of the producers. I'm sure we'll see Sarah in the future on All-Stars. She got such a good reaction from the fans. I loved that she's a southern gal, like me!   Sarah is from Georgia.

Winner - Sarah Oliver

The special shows:

The person I want to win btw, never wins. A'int that how it goes??  I usually like the winner but I like almost all of the girls in every season/ anyway, like I said- usually with the exception of ONE.

This year Oxygen debuted the All Star Battle Cast who had the "best of the best" not in my opinion, quite a few I'd remove and a few missing.. but they pair up in 2 teams and compete in physical challenges, vote each other off. One gets a ton of money. Pretty simple premise. Of course they are willing to stab each other in the back, they're bad girls with Twitter beef and history!!! Let alone when a large amount of money is at stake...
Of course I wanted Julie, Natalie or Rocky to win.. in the end: Jenn won, and that's cool too! I like Jen alright.l I couldn't believe Flo's old smoking self dominated the way she did. Didn't see that coming. I like Flo though. Shes aight.

The Love Games - I didn't like how they all dated the same guys but the shows idea is original"ish" and was entertaining. Tanisha hosts (with the exception of Season 1 anyway..) and helps the bad girls find love. Show is rumored to be put on hold, permanently in favor of All Stars, which I was hoping they BOTH would continue so I'd have three ways to watch my fave Bad Girls. We shall see, huh?

Love Games 1 - Found Amber, Kendra and Sarah competing for the affection of 14 guys. Talk about a pool to choose from... My Fave was surprisingly Kendra. She had grown and matured from her Season of BGC. #ThankGoodness 

Season1 LoveGames

Season 2 - Had Lea, Natalie and Amber. I love Natalie and always root for her, but I love Lea too. In a close tie, I have to pick Natalie. She's right, she did put BGC on the map. Like it or hate it, it's true. Stop lying to yourselves. Natalie wins, but didn't win the show... Lea won.

LoveGames Season2

Season 3 Had my girls Kori, Sydney and Crazy ass Judi "I got the Voo-Doo for You Bitches!!" competing. Sydney shows her true colors in this show, and Kori leaves you breathless - but I gotta give it up for my girl Judi for just being so chill.  Judi wins. Sorry Kori. And Judi also won the show., Again- sorry Kori.

Last Season of Love Games paired up victor TWIN (singular for once) Dani, my girl Amy and my girl Camilla. This one is a hard one, for I did love them all. I gotta go for the underdog Amy tho. (Camila is smoking hot though!!)  Amy wins and won the show, You go girl!!!

From what I understand Season 12 of BGC will be in Chicago, according to Wikipedia, but they arent always right. Usually about shows I trust them though.

Let me leave you with Gif's of some of my personal fave BGC moments, like Flo throwing Amber, and Shannon being Shannon. Erikas FAMOUS " I don't understand dance" are throughout this post. I bet the images slow down the download time of this never-ending post, but there is so much info to include. I summed it up the best I could.
I have hand selected a funny gif of each one of my famed named bad Girls of each season and I have put them in order. Again here they are...

"I aint get no sleep cux of y'all!"
Tanisha Season 2 winner

Sarah foul mouthed Season 3 winner

"You have NO money. You suck dick for the money you DO have."
                                                          Kate Season 4 winner

                                "At least I didn't hook up with Danielle!"                              
           Season 5 winner - Kristen AKA "Blondie"

                                          "I kicked her ass last night, and I wanna finish the job!"
  HAHA! Season 6 winner? KORI!!

Angelic, in answer to your statement, all three. 
"I'll put your picture back because I respect you." *Stomps on it, walks away.. "That's how much I care about you."
Season 7 winner

""Oh my God, my nipple just popped out.""
Gia is Season 8's winner
Rem in the reunion when she told the audience to STFU? LOL.. I can't...  LMAO

(On All Stars she said:) "Today is the first day of my period- and I literally feel like Spartacus is occurring in my uterus."
                                                     ALL Time & Season 9 fave is Julie Ofcharsky

Stephanie George Season 10 fave...

This season, of course it's Season 11 Sarah Oliver.
"I'll beat the bitches ass!"

Who will be next seasons fave Bad Girl? I can't wait to find out!
And to meet new girl: Mercedies Benze (I think they call her Benze on the show, but IDK yet for sure...) Maybe she'll help quell some of the tension. I doubt it, but it will always be interesting to watch!!!

Thanks for reading, have a nice night!!
Feel free to comment., I love comments.

Post is NOT sponsored or affiliated in any way- I am just passionate about the show. That's all.  Just my opinions.


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