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Please note -This is a SocialMoms sponsored post for Tai Pei Foods. 
 Have you ever had a break form the kids and the husband and been so hungry and just had snack foods on hand? Who wants to make a full family meal for just ONE?  With single serve entrees by Tai Pei Foods, you'll be able to reach up into that ice chest and grab something quick and easy andf affordable and healthier! Please visit a store near you to try out Tai Pei®, a delicious line of Frozen Single Serve entrées.
Here is a store locator: Try a couple different varieties of the classic options and the new Tai Pei Asian Garden line and compare!   I like the Mango Chicken. Fruit and Meat go together so yummy in Asian foods. Oohh, now y'all got me thinking about some Orange Chicken. So yum!

I also liked the Cashew Chicken for years now, and of the new Asian garden line, you have simply GOT to try the Sesame Chicken. I stick with what I love, you know? Speaking of "stick" do stick around the store until you find the delicious Pot Stickers I got to try with a complimentary VIP coupon they sent me and they literally melted in my mouth! So good tasted like Take Out Chinese  maybe even better! Plus, no tip to the delivery driver. Straight from your microwave to your MOUTH! Yum!!!!

About Tai Pei®:
What if you could enjoy an authentic Asian-style takeout experience right from home? Tai Pei® features restaurant-inspired varieties of frozen Asian-style cuisine, packaged in a fun, takeout-style box that’s ready to eat in just minutes. Now that’s “Good Fortune in Every Box™!”

     Available in single-serve entrées and single-serve appetizers and multi-serve appetizers
     Offers more excitement and adventure in frozen food selections
     Featured single-serve entrées and appetizer flavors:
Entrées: Beef & Broccoli, Bourbon Chicken, Cashew Chicken, Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken Chow Mein, Combination Fried Rice, General Tso’s Chicken, Orange Chicken, Pepper Beef, Shrimp Fried Rice, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Sweet Teriyaki Chicken
     Appetizers: Chicken Egg Rolls, Chicken Potstickers, Pork Egg Rolls, Pork Potstickers, Vegetable Egg Rolls, Battered Green Beans, Edamame, Mini Chicken Spring Rolls, Savory Chicken for Lettuce Wraps, Spicy Mini Chicken Egg Rolls, Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls
     Offers a fun and flavorful authentic takeout experience at a fraction of the cost
     A brand with over 20 years of experience creating authentic and innovative restaurant-quality Asian-style dishes
     Made with Asian-style signature sauces
     Chef-created, restaurant-inspired cuisine
     Unique package design that conveys authentic restaurant quality
     Prepared and ready to eat in just minutes
 About Tai Pei Asian Garden:

     The only Asian brand of better-for-you, single-serve frozen entrées
      Low in calories, fat and sodium
     High in fiber and protein
     Available in eight flavor varieties
     Entrees: Hunan Beef & Broccoli, Chicken Fried Rice, Spicy General Tso’s Chicken, Ginger Chicken, Glazed Chicken Potstickers, Mango Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Orange Chicken
     Each entrée contains around 300 calories, 8 grams of fat or less, and real ingredients including lean meats, crispy vegetables, brown rice and whole grain noodles
         Unique single-serve takeout-style box makes portion control easy
Eating smarter is now deliciously easy thanks to new Tai Pei Asian Garden. With a balance of better-for-you ingredients and Asian-style flavor, you can now enjoy satisfaction without sacrifice for both lunch and dinner.  
 It is so simple and easy it is to make these and eat for you and your family!! Tai Pei Foods High value Coupon &  learn more about the products by going to the Tai Pei® website.
 “Good Fortune in Every Box™” I love that slogan and it REALLY is true. You have just got to use this chance to grab that high value coupon to try some for yourself for a great deal!

 There are so many different and delicious flavors of Tai Pei® products available and that it is easy for you to quickly enjoy without the hassle of leaving home! I most like the Broccoli and Beef variety!

Click the pic to go to the printable coupon!
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Please note -This is a SocialMoms sponsored post for Tai Pei Foods. 


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