Friday, July 26, 2013

I use my microwave for everything....

Which is why it was rotten today when I couldn't find my only can opener. My eldest daughter (who is 8) has been recently helping out with dishes, and didn't know not to put the manual handheld metal (old timey, really) can opener in the dishwasher. I rarely get them wet as it makes them age faster, the blades will dull and they do not work anymore. BUT thank goodness we found it.

Do you use your microwave and can opener a lot too? Have you heard of Amana microwaves? I recently found these Amana Microwave Parts and they are too cool! You know what though? I really need to go buy another can opener or two to have backups. I  like the ones that go around the top ring of the can, cutting it off cleanly as a lid. They are around 15 to 30 dollar$ though. Might also want to have an electric as a back up for these 2 as well. You never know.. lol.

Disclosure_ This post is sponsored by Amana Microwaves. Still, the thoughts contained herein this post are 100 percent mine.


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