Monday, July 15, 2013

#ad Teespring crowdfunding helps you raise money for a cause or yourself. #sponsored #review

Teespring allows you to create & sell custom tees with zero upfront costs, and zero risk.

Teespring is a crowdfunding platform for groups, causes and communities to design and sell custom apparel. Anyone can come and design a shirt which they can then sell via Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else online. The seller keeps all of the profit the shirt earns. People use Teespring as a fundraising tool or just to earn some extra money. The best part is the shirts don't print and ship until a set end date determined by the seller. This means they pay nothing upfront, take no risk and don't have to deal with the hassle of ordering the right number of shirts.

I checked out Teespring, and designed a Locomotion of Expressions shirt with the header of this blog. The site was fast and responsive and easy to use! The only issue I encountered personally- was that my header apparently has more than 10 colors, and I haven't the slightest how to edit it to not have so many colors, so I would have to use another image for my shirts. I love how on the homepage they show you clip art of others people shirts and projects and causes, and I had fun clicking through them and reading their missions. I love how you can make money all without ever stepping foot out of the house, and get your cause out to millions who can help you realize your dreams and make them an actuality.

Testimonials What people are saying

“I sold over 800 shirts and made $6,000 on a campaign that took me less than 10 minutes to create and didn't cost me a dime! An incredible tool.”
- Peter Krumins
“Teespring is the perfect no-cost way to test the strength of your brand's merchandise. We found our biggest fans through our campaign.”
- Josh Catone

You can play with the designer if you go to

Here are some cool examples of what people have done with the site.

A couple sold this "Love makes a family shirt" to raise money to adopt:

This one included children's and toddler's shirts to raise money for an 11-year-old to sing in a children's choir in Hungary:

This one raised over 85k for Boston relief:

Please check out Teespring on Facebook: and on twitter: @teespring

                 *** Disclosure *** 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of TeeSpring.


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