Monday, May 27, 2013

@zaggora Once Upon a Time - A long time ago...

A long time ago I posted about Zaggora Hotpants. A little over a year ago, actually. :-)

I think originally I was unsure of them, slightly skeptical. But as time wears on and on I have become the biggest fan to this brand!!  I wear them all the time.

They have paid me for my time before, so it's not without saying that I don't get something from them. I have also gotten free products. BUT I am not being paid to post or given a product this time. But the best part is: you can get their free products too! Especially if you are active on Facebook, because they have giveaways there all the time. PLUS I even won a FB giveaway recently for the "Join My Team" which I got really cool Lets Get Hot top  in gray, just for inviting (well, they had to join the contest & invite too) friends to join it.
I think only personally got 5 people to do it, and still got a free tank :-)
You just had to be in the top 100 or so people to get one.
Not too bad, right?

 The average cost is 75-100$ for their fabulous workout clothes. A little pricey, but you pay for quality as well. Plus the brand is born and operated out of the UK, so in the USA I have to pay to ship also.  Their shipping used to be slower but now it is SUPER FAST, plus their email blast offers coupon codes now (but not too many) so def go signup at the website if you are interested in taking the 2 week test. You can read about the 2 week tests here: on their blog, Zaggora Girl.

Anyway- as I go to put on my Most Loved Zaggora Capris in hot pink, or my very first black pair. I gotta appreciate this brand and this brands workout clothes functionality. It is dual (or TRIPLE) action by being a way to rid cellulite through compression, and help you sweat to burn more fat - plus being easy to workout in also!

I love how they have expanded their brand to offer not only the pants, but different varieties of the pants and colors, and designs, as well as regular tops not made of the neoprene material- like the shirt I won (pictured on me below) which is cotton.  Plus I love the new design Viva Capri that mimics the classic VS pink holdover yoga band pants..  Celebrities also love Zaggora, and they are featured in the press all the time. They make great gifts for holidays and birthdays as well. I'd be tickled to get them! They encourage me to workout more, because I know they are working.

Check out their online store SHOP NOW!

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DISCLOSURE:  Again, no product or compensation was offered to me this time- for this post. I posted because I like the brand. (:


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