Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Highway Robbery by @CharterCom

Welcome home!!!

 Charters new customer lineup is crap as far as welcoming goes. I have 1 "discounted year" and... well- it is pretty cheap, as well as some high speed internet.. BUT 

Since I recently moved to a new place, have had Charter Cable Internet Service less than 1 week, and received a bill in the mail for 60$. I gasped inward. Please tell me they are not serious. Must be a mistake, right?

Called them - tried to get it pro-rated.. she said it was for "installation fees" when all they had to do was run a daggum cord from outside. Then went on to state that the bill is for the time of service, the 21st, through the 20th of the next month. Oh really? Then why the hell is it due in a week.... BEFORE the billing cycle even ends?

IMHO Charter being a huge big name brand should have more welcoming practices for new customers, such as prorating bills, and not charging"set-up" fees. I know that TDS as well as other smaller companies, offer many promotional aspects for new customers, including discounted months, Free Televisions, or small free laptops.

Not to mention the customer service wasn't friendly.
   I will be changing my internet ASAP!!!!


1CaseyColette said...

LMFAO! https://www.facebook.com/chartercom/posts/10201312462761404

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