Monday, May 27, 2013

Pennington Smart Feed via Bzzagent #gotITfree

 I recently got the opportunity to sample a new product through Bzzagent. It is called the Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer system. Since trying it I have also found it at Lowes for around ten bucks. You need the starter system at first, and can buy refillable discs later. (Available in 4 discs per tube) This saves precious cabinet space in my garage,

The Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System retails for a suggested price of $12.99, while the Smart Feed refill tablets start at $9.99.  Hopefully- they will run coupons for this product in the paper of 2.50 or more off.

So, what it is, in a nutshell: is a nozzle head that you attach to your garden hose! Pretty nifty because it has a cavity that you fill with these blue discs, that dissolve in water. Each disc should treat an average sized garden for a while. So there is no measuring, no mixing- and my garden has never looked better!!

 It was easy to screw on the hose, easy to load the discs, and it was also fun. It made my gardening less of a chore, and I got to say, I quite like the "mixing action" how you get to watch the water swirl around in the head of the new nozzle and mix the plant food into the water. 

I especially appreciated that there are 3 varieties of this system available. So you have a proven blend for whatever your need is!
  • All Purpose
  • Tomato & Vegetable
  • Flower & Bloom

The best part is the head has different spray patterns, so you don't have to switch out the hose nozzle/head. So whenever your not using the Pennington Smart Feed sprayer system, you don't have to switch back and forth to your old nozzle head in order to get a high pressure soak for the car, or a light shower to rinse the kids feet off, or whatever you use your hose for. :)

If no mixing, no measuring, no mess and bigger, better results doesn’t explain it all, this video will:

My only issue was with the nozzle. It seems like it could use a bit more thought, it seemed hard to use after a while, leaky- and possibly have to be replaced and not withstanding to the water pressure, sun and kids and time. Sadly.

Disclosure: I received the Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System through Bzzagent.  All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.


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