Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mix Up your SeXXXiness this year for Halloween

Corset Costumes for Halloween 2012

     Halloween Costumes are getting a bit boring and repetitive.   Every Halloween the costumes are pretty much the same from the last year.   Maybe this situation sounds familiar?    You plan months in advance to find the perfect, sexy, unique costume that nobody else will be wearing.   Sure enough though, you get to the party and you see like four other girls wearing the same exact costume!   So laaaame.. Right?     That's why corset costumes are going to be the new trend this year.

  What's a corset costume?    This is a corset costume!   

It's simple!  A corset costume is just a corset top + skirt or pants + costume accessories.

    By mixing and matching, you can create your own custom, 100% unique costume this Halloween!   There are literally thousands of combinations you create to make a costume, so you know you will be the only one rocking your costume to the party :)




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