Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I STILL haven't seen this movie, and I was probably the MOST excited person on the planet for it- but it hasn't made it's way to Redbox..

..and I didn't get picked to review it. :(
BUT _ Time to Get Down to MONKEY Business!

In celebration of DisneyNature's summer release of CHIMPANZEE on Blu-ray Combo Pack, we've got a whole lot of cuteness

Clips From the Bonus Material on the Blu-ray

"Daily Grind" (Bonus)

"Oscar Looks Contemplative" (Bonus)

"What It Takes" (Bonus)


jamie tucker said...

when i saw the previews for this i wanted to see it. I love the work that they do over with the chimps and seeing a new look into them would be great. i too have to wait till i can rent it.
mrs.jamie_tucker @ hotmail.com

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