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Skoy Cloth review & giveaway - Save a Tree! ***CLOSED****

WINNER: Vivian
Vivian said... 4
tagged you on facebook on SKOY's page

MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2011 12:55:00 PM

I'm all about being green. And like Kermit the Frog best said, "Being green isn't easy", but this neat invention called Skoy cloths makes it that way. Skoy cloth is a bio-degradeable, re-useable, environmentally friendly inexpensive sponge like paper towel? For lack of a better word! Its basically a thin sponge/cloth. I really like this!

I know what a Carbon Footprint is, and I reduce mine by using SWAPTREE, RECYCLEBANK, I barely use paper towels, I recycle my bags at walmart/publix/winn dixie, and have preached about that subject for years! (See my myspace blog..) and I buy re-usable coffee mugs/drinking cups w lids.. because I know about the epidemic about water bottles... but thats a whole 'nother story.

True story? My dad Greg is obsessed with using paper towels at dinner. I am not messy eater, I do not require a napkin. I guess because he has a mustache and it gets in the hair? Anyway being a navy wife, I live a good ride out from my hometown, where my parents live. Well, he will come out and stay a few days at a time, and I will usually go buy one roll. Just one. Ha! Because I know if I don't, he gets upset! I dont use them.. I use rags. So these Skoy cloths will probably make quite an impression on him. But then, some people are just set in their ways, with little regard. But just because you know these things.. not everyone will do them. We think its such an insignificant thing, that our contribution matters not.. but it really does! Every little bit counts!

Well, I have to tell my readers that I will be giving away the cutest little set of Skoy Cloths.. Here is why you should want them:

The Skoy Story (click here!)

Reason # 1 - Oprah recommended! And you know she gets down and is in-the-know about what's hot and what's not! Read all about it HERE.

Reason # 2 - Quick fact - Paper Towels are evil. (Q & A That follows from WikiAnswers) "Are paper towels bad for the environment?

Yes they are. During the production and transportation it requires the burning of fossil fuels. They are also usually bleached white, which emits dioxins.

However, Paper towels are considered inferior among towels. Many experts argue that they should not be considered towels at all, due to their evil polluting nature! Paper towels don't count, don't let this put you off towels all together! Towels are your best friend, never be without your towel."

Read more:

(OK, maybe thats an exaggeration, but they are certainly not good either!) It is our habit to reach for one after we wash our hands, (use a hand towel!) Or to clean up a mess in the kitchen. Or dust with, or many things, but your Skoy Cloth can be used for those things as well - PLUS it is good because it can be used as long as you want to keep cleaning it. Up to a year! You can wash it in the washer and dryer and it also can be steamed to get germs out on a plate of water for a minute or two in the microwave!

Reason # 3 - You can use it on anything.! Skoy has colored cloths that are great for hard surfaces and wont show little food messes that could potentially stain them. And they have white cloths as well, that they sell and recommended for cleaning carpets or things you might not want to stain , the color in the colored Skoy cloths can potentially rub on on something of a lighter color. So they are prepared for anything. Colored for big messes and white ones for treating stains and scrubbing other fabrics with!

Reason # 4 - You can use it in ANY room of your house. Or for whatever you like!

Reason # 5 - Skoy Cloths are biodegradable!

Reason # 6 - They are fun! They are cute and attractive sitting on your counter!

Reason # 7 - You can get a Skoy 4-pack for less than you can get 4 rolls of paper towels, and they last 15x as long (or longer!)

Be sure to check them out on their website here!

Read about their use & care HERE.

Know your facts! Another insightful & relevant story, if you are interested! Read Me.

Seven Planet Mindful Media | Skoy Cloths from Benjamin VanderVeen on Vimeo.


One lucky Locomotions of Expressions reader will receive one 4 pack of the colored "hard-surface" cloths! They are so cute! (I got the white ones!) Theres two simple things that you have to do! (other than be a public follower - via Google Friend Connect on the right sidebar, of course!)

#1- Follow Skoy Cloth on twitter HERE or "like" thier facebook page HERE Both can be done for an "extra entry".

#2 - Tell me in a comment below that you did #1 - then, in the same comment tell me if there is a store local to you that sells Skoy,and which one it is. Or, tell me which online retailer you would use. Find one HERE!

For extra entries while the contest is running you keep checking back with my blog. As I will have 5 more giveaways written in the time span/duration of this sweepstakes, and enter my other giveaways. You may then, come back here and comment for each one you enter, for one extra entry per contest entered!

You may ALSO write on Skoy's Facebook wall that Locomotion of Expressions sent you!
EXTRA POINT (and Extra Entry separate comment to count)- If you tag the Locomotion of Expressions fan page in the post (you have to be a fan first! fan us by clicking here) Tag us by typing the @ sign on Skoy's wall!

This contest is over April 17th Sunday at noon Eastern! GOOD LUCK!


Deb Chitwood said...

Skoy Cloths look great! I follow Skoy on Facebook. I would purchase from Green Mama Place on Amazon, since there isn't a local store nearby that sells Skoy. debchitwood at

Deb Chitwood said...

I tagged you and wrote on Skoy's Facebook wall that you sent me!

Vivian said...

I follow SKoy on Facebook as trinas trinx. I would purchase from skyblue in nashville TN.

Vivian said...

tagged you on facebook on SKOY's page

Just Another Hat said...

SKOY Twitter follower @justanotherhat
justanotherhat at gmail dot com

Just Another Hat said...

SKOY Facebook fan (Romina C)
I can buy them from
justanotherhat at gmail dot com

littlelatina said...

enter me thanks

Stacey said...

following you on gfc :)

I LOVE these things!
I'm following them on Twitter @madeofsnails

madeofsnails at cox dot net

Stacey said...

I'd use Philanthropy in Franklin, TN.
because there isn't one near me in OKC...and I used to live in Nashville :)

Stacey said...

tagged you on their fb wall :)

Stacey said...

entered therabreath giveaway

sjt42075 said...

i am a gfc follower stracey2010 and i like them on facebook sarah t. i can by them at Eco Savvy in geneva,il which is just a mile from my house
stracey2010 at live dot com

susansmoaks said...

fb fan tony l smoaks
twitter follower @fdp4life
they are sold locally at Vacuum Boutique & Gifts in largo fl
susansmoaks at gmail dot com

purango said...

I like Skoy Cloth's Facebook page. Sunshine Village in Watkinsville, Georgia is a local retailer near me.

Stacey said...

Have you chosen a winner?

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