Saturday, April 30, 2011

Girl Extraordinaire / GirLeo Review

I am an EXTREME girly girl! Thats why I love Girl Extraordinaire! They sent me a cute screened canvas tote, a garter, a baby pink T-Shirt, a tank top, and even a little dress for..... wait, the dress they sent me was supposed to be for my kids, however it was too small. I told them their ages were 1 and 6, but for some reason got sent a size 3 dress. Its precious though, so I gave it to my best friends kid. I included the pics of her in it below. Looking through their baby and little girl collection, they have SO much cute stuff! I REALLY wished it would have been something that would have fit Giana Kendall or Devonny Noelle.... I got some pics of me in it, and I'd like to share them with you. The logo tank top was comfy and it looked cute on me, especially since I just got all tan. (From my weekend at Amelia Island!) As was the rhinestone bedazzled Bride pink tee shirt they sent. (Even though I am not a bride, Which I prob looked silly walking around in (to my friends, anyway!) LOL!

The red shirt is a logo tank top and It reads: "Girl Extraordinaire Because I am!" Dang! They know me!!! Also my canvas tote - which I really like is red. :)
The pink shirt reads: Bride
The shirt-dress I put on Brynna reads "Offical Flower Guard" ( I am not clear if this is intended for bridal? For a flower girl? ) But the camo is gray & pink and very girly, and charming and I do love it.

If you are reading this review, do me and yourself a favor and "Like" Girl Extraordinaire's Facebook page! Please tell them Locomotion of Expressions sent you!

Also, if you tweet (I do, and often!) They also have a twitter you can follow below!

They also have a little doggy they call Sweet Pea or Sweet Pea the Bumblebee which I bet Giana would've loved for me to review!

The creators of this line, which I consider the most girlie - also have mens shirts for companies or customization and they say cute things like: "KING until the Queen comes back"
(and other cute things, so yes it is girly, but they do also have stuff for men. Stuff for babies, kids, Wall Art and even Dog & Pet collections.. which has adorable little 'bling' clothes for your dogs.

Girleo/Girl Extraordinaire was founded by two BFFs Tiffany Bressen Corbett & Courtney Noelle Maddox. (CUTE! Her middle name is also Devonny's middle name! ((Devonny is my youngest daughter and her middle name is also Noelle)) Here is a picture of Tiffany & Courtney!

A few celebrities have caught the buzz!!! They have been featured and mentioned in many big magazines and other places, such as Life & Style, Everyday with Rachel Ray, People, Modern Bride and here are some of their other Press links & photos :)

Here is their websites Home page, if you are wanting to browse around and see for yourself, but I have some images of their other clothes..

They also have a Holiday collection called Hooray For the Holidays.

Did I mention the canvas tote you can get customized?
Wear your girl leo apparel and send in pics to have your picture featured on this page! Girleo Girls or click to see some of their cute clothes in action!

I especially love their Mom & baby collection, appropriately named Extraordinary Kiddo and Baby Extraordinaire.

They even have swimsuits - which I would have loved to review, since I am so close to the beach.

To sum their retail line up, I would say that it is very sparkly and is comfortable but fashionable clothes with sayings on them such as "Inspire" or "Love is Blind" or "Sweetheart", with rhinestones. But don't get it twisted- they also have clothes for little boys, and big boys. Greeting cards, books, and Men's clothing too!

I couldn't find many images for their stuff online to share with you. There is a few on their website but not the whole collections. You have to be an approved vendor to wholesale. What I mean to say is you cannot purchase directly from them on their own website. You have to find a retailer. But there is a page to help you find one (naturally!) Store Locator

Sadly, there is no store near me. They did send me a catalog, and I think I was privvy to veiw the whole collections but am not sure if there are more to the collections than what I was shown.. but I am unclear as to whether I can even order out of it, since you can not place orders online, and there are no prices.. There is a phone number, and the items do have "order numbers" But I am a little uninformed. If I find out soon, I'll edit this out and let you guys know! But it is Saturday night, and I have to get up bright and early to finish my yard sale. So I had to get this written, I have had my plate so full and this has been on a backburner and it wasn't right. When I have an obligation to a company for a due review.. I do it. I'm not one to disappoint people. One thing you might have noticed about me I am extremely honest. I say refreshing, you say brash. Either way: STILL HONEST!

Well, my bed is calling my name. But don't forget to check out Girl Extraordinaire.
Good night!

I wrote this review for Locomotion of Expressions about Girl Extraordinaire. I received free product to keep for this review from Extraordinaire through Tomoson. All opinions for this review are that of my own.


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