Sunday, August 30, 2009

u know what i feel like talking about 2day?

two things...

a) plz some1 follow my blog- i have myself following (yea thats pretty pathetic>>>>) and my good friend Nicole! :( thats it! so i went on a quest to follow all kinds of blogs and i have. hopefully they will return the favor!

b) does anyone besides me think that the "giveaways" that YOU ARE REQUIRED to check back on and confirm your own entry to win are just plain silly?

bc i know that even if some1 did enter just that giveaway - they might forget to check back in a timely manner or like me, say i can be kinda organized about some things, and the total opposite end of the spectrum disorganized on others- its a real struggle for me. so when i bookmark something (and i bookmark EVERYTHING) with then intentions on revisiting. i either forget or cant find the bookmark! LOL
but honestly we all enter a bunch, so i think its silly.

anyway thats it for now. ta ta!


caseycolette said...

PS canonda! i totally forgot to get you to help me w my blog layout yesterdya bc i was too busy whining.. LMAO maybe next time

Nickel Pickle said...

I know, I was going to because I dont like how everything is in top! Move it to the side. Oh and do you mind changing my name to Nicole so that crazy people out there cant google me! Thanks, Love ya. Enter my new giveaway!

Nickel Pickle said...

I'll fix it email me the login to nickelpicklemom email. A chick named Joell won the rug, more giveaways to come! These are custom cards you could put Gigis picture on them for Christmas!

caseycolette said...

i added myself to 199 blogs today, now to leave comments on them. but i really dont think thats going to work babe.

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