Friday, November 27, 2015

My Magic Mud #review @My_Magic_Mud #naturalproducts charcoal teeth whitening!

I usually use stock info and website pictures, because I'm not too confident in front of a camera. However, since I started using this product on my teeth I have had nothing but compliments! The pictures are worth a thousand words and really speak for themselves.
My Magic Mud retails for about 25 dollars a jar, but lasts 150 applications. If you went too heavy with usage maybe 100.
My only issue is the mess it makes but it doesn't stain my porcelain sink or counter. Surprisingly it doesn't have a flavor at all and doesn't feel gritty, honestly regular toothpaste is more coarse IMHO.
I always use peroxide and baking soda, even before starting My Magic Mud.
In addition I also use Uncle Harry's so I think the combination of these products had DRASTIC results on my teeth. Keep on mind I drink a pot of coffee a day and I am also a smoker.
Again I used all products mentioned in rotation twice a day for almost three months!!
Here are the pictures!  ORDER NOW.

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Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. Your experiences and opinions with this or other products mentioned in this post may differ. Regardless all opinions are my own.
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