Tuesday, February 26, 2013

#hilariousGIFS -- Have you smiled today? #AwesomeGifs

We just got 2 turtles, btw. Named em Cheech and Chong. the other day the one was trying to get food from the other and he stuck his claw right in his eye. Could totally see mine doing this. These TMNT are vicious man!~

Devonny laughed her tiny butt off at this ^ for about 5 minutes straight.

Worth a shot I guess

Hi Bear!!!!

The epitome of "Playing it Cool" (nothing to see here.. *whistles*)

Speechless ..... 

" I'll do a tit glance, but no wave. "  
Donald looks like he DK what a wave is either  ...  I guess when your rich your exempt. But not from titty stares.


1CaseyColette said...

Theres the reason why the call turtles COLD BLOODED! LMFAO

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