Friday, February 8, 2013

@EdenFantasys - It's cold in here! Scoot over!

*  Today lets talk about showering. Showering by itself is a relaxing experience that can invigorate some and tire others. It always makes me sleepy. Some people shower to wake up, which seems crazy to me. Shower before work, and I might go back to bed. But a bath does me the same way. Something about warm water.

Showering with a partner should be fun, but somehow it ends up a not-so-pleasant experience for the more passive person in the relationship. That would be my husband. I gloat and giggle and bathe in all the hot water. While he stands there squirming, freezing, begging for water. Luckily, our shower head has a hose, and is detachable, so if I feel too sorry for him I just hand it to him, so there is no "changing places" that occurs. Don't judge me, he's the one who is always trying to get in the shower with me, uninvited. He should wait!

But this has led to a payback of sorts, because he knows I'm not going to share the water. So, this means- when he gets the shower head, he's out to make ME suffer. He'll hog it, same as I do!

Edenfantasys now carries a useful bathroom accessory that alleviates this problem. It is called the Sex in the Shower dual shower head – sensual bath. I stumbled across it, and thought, how marvelously genius  This product couldn't be more appropriate for us. Hopefully I can review it soon, and see if it lives up to the glowing reviews I have seen on it. The price is $42.99 and it is supposed to fit and standard shower. It is In Stock right now- I checked before posting. It is made by Sportsheets.

So- no more freezing booties and boobies, you can conserve water while conserving water.  Water pressure is measured in pounds per square inch or psi. An average water pressure is around 30-50 psi.Now, not to brag, but I'm fairly good at Google searches. That's me being humble, I'm actually fantastic at them!  In any case, I can't seem to find any information about water pressure PSi OR Gallons per Minute for this particular model (gpm). If I can find it out, I'll be sure to update this post to reflect that. I think that it a very important detail that should be included in this product description.

It is available only in white. Dual shower heads, 3 stream options, removable heads. Must use both heads at once, neither can be shut off.

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