Monday, December 10, 2012

Nemo: "Fish gotta swim, birds gotta eat! #review & #holidayGiftGuide out on BluRay now!

FINDING NEMO - re-released onto disc, BLU-Ray and out of theaters,

The holiday sea-son is upon us! So quit clowning around and send out these fin-tastic Finding Nemo holiday cards! 

Finding Nemo 3D is now available on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray Hi-def, DVD and Digital Platforms.

Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!
These are the words stuck in our heads after watching this in Theaters (again) and on BluRay! The picture was fabulous, and the special features are not to be missed! My favorites were an old Pixar (who doesn't love Pixar shorts?) short about a Snowman stuck in a snow-globe  written in 1989! I didn't know Pixar was around back then! Silly me!

I also really enjoyed the "Aquarium" feature available on the BluRay menu, which turns your television into a virtual aquarium. it was serene and peaceful in my ever chaotic house, and brought a littler zen! I hope I remember to put it on next time it gets crazy up in here!

You know, Nemo and I go waayyy back, actually! When my eldest was very small it was her favorite movie. I know this sounds absurd but back then I didn't have cable or a big collection of movies like we do now, so we watched it over and over and over...

Well.. it was her favorite. I will always remember her sitting in her bouncy seat- she couldn't have been very old, because it hadn't been on disc long then, and shes 7 (and a half) now.. but she wasn't big enough for tummy time, and it was the first thing she laughed hysterically at! She was in her exersaucer the next day-- just crackin' up!  You know-- in the cute way babies do? At the very beginning of the movie when marlin and Nemos mom, Coral are chasing each other around and also a minute or two later-- after she dies (damn you Disney!) where Marlin is chasing Nemo. She thought the brightly colored fish with their captivating dialect was hilarious. She was right! It is!
It is still funny, and this is one of those movies most people can quote.

My favorite parts are when the Teacher, "Mr Ray!" sings to them "Let's name the zones.. the zones -- the zones! Let's name the zones of the Ocean Sea!"
............ "Thereeeesss mesopolagic, bathyal, abyssalpelagic! All the rest are too deep for you and me to seeeeee!" Our favorite character is of course, Crush the Sea Turtle!

Lol.. sorry! Had to go there!
The whole movie is filled with things like that- so if you haven't seen it, you are missing it, and you really should watch it, especially with kids in your life. Cousins, brothers, sisters, nieces  nephews, even friends children.
Now normally, I wouldn't recommend most children's movies for adults, but this is one that is timeless for the whole family.

So much were we excited that it was in theaters, that we took our youngest, Devonny to see it in 3D. It was a disaster  I'm not even going to lie, but still a memory, as when I think back to the first movie she ever went to, it will always be Nemo.

I'm next excited to see Monsters University!
If you want to buy this fabulous BluRay disc, it's available for purchase at many fine retailers , Target, WalMart, Amazon, Best Buy, the Disney Website, naturally!
So go get your copy!!! the average price among these websites is about $27 right now!

Tomorrow look for my review of The Odd Life of Timothy Green, another family favorite must-see Disney hit!
Thanks for reading!

Download Holiday Cards!

Director Andrew Stanton compares looking at the alternate opening that got replaced to looking at your school photos and worrying that you look like a dork

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Director Andrew Stanton discusses how he eventually came to tell the story of Finding Nemo in a linear fashion rather than using flashbacks which are a film school no-no

Filmmakers reminisce about working with Albert Brooks (Marlin) and the alleged theft of a stapler in the 4th grade!

Download Holiday Cards!

IMDB says 2016 is slated for the next Finding Nemo, Finding Nemo 2. I hope this true, and cant wait to see it!

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charychild said...

I love this movie so much. I really wanted to share it with my daughter when she was old enough to enjoy it. Sadly, even though she's almost 5 now, it terrifies her. Having to skip past the barracuda, the sharks, the jellies, and the whale... well, that's pretty much the whole movie! I'm still keeping it on the back burner for when she's older. Maybe 7.

Janet W. said...

I've seen this movie before and adored it! My grandson hasn't seen it yet and I know he would love it!

Stephanie Bruce said...

I love finding nemo. My kids dont really care one way or the other. Hoping my 1 year old likes it.

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