Sunday, December 2, 2012

Baby Currency + PinyPon & Littlest Pet Shop Party!!!

I was so tickled to get not one but TWO mommy parties that I decided to join them together to have one BIG party!

PinyPon and Nenuco sent us all this great stuff for the party! Two dolls, two caravans and a ton of tiny little Pinypon dolls.

I loved that they sent us the Nenuco doll and that shes a "potty doll" it couldn't be more appropriate since Devonny (my baby) is 2 and a half, and it's probably past time to potty train her! 

She loves it!!!!

Recently I was chosen to host a party featuring some great new toys for little girls.  Pinypon toys are so much fun to play with, and come with lots of neat little accessories to mix and match.  I am not exaggerating when I say that my children have played with their new Pinypon set and dolls for hours, long after the party was over.  They just LOVE mixing and matching them!

Here are all the tiny pieces that come with the Pinypon RV. She has dishes, and the little flowers can be snapped onto the doll them selves, or many places around the RV making it completely customizable, since you also put on the stickers yourself! 

Isn't that sweet? I had to put them away because I have a year old in my house, and she'll take the whole fork  & spoon thing literally.
Pinypon taking a nap in her lazy lounge chair!
The sandwiches, I got the recipe from the fact and party suggestion page they sent with all the toys!!! Cheese, cream cheese, ham, & spinach wraps
The punch: frozen lemonade, lime sherbet, and 7 up!

 Cute awards they sent with the party pack to give out to the kids!
The Pinypons that were gifted to party attendees

 Want to discover more about Pinypon and what they have to offer:  Vist their Website, or Facebook Page!

We made a scavenger hunt and made the kids find these index cards with little pictures on Pinypons on them, I also had them find things in our yard, like the letter "G" (on Gigi's bike) or a mermaid (on my garden statue) a red bow (you can clearly see that on my flag in the picture above) and so on. The hardest part was a red horse (my husbands red mustang) only one of the kids figured that one out! LOL)
I've been using this potty since the party to teach Devonny how to go potty, and guess what? It worked!!! Well it also helped to have M & M's which are only her favorite snack ever. I put them in her line of sight, but out of reach-- so she will beg, and I can make her go potty to get them! I also taught her to walk by holding them out in the palm of my hand in making her step for them! M & m's are baby currency, don;t you know? But the Nuenco doll did help too, seriously!

 Here's my little one (above) with her Littlest pet Shop Blythe TV Show mask on! They got to watch the DVD and were all given this neat little folding hair brush and a littlest pet shop chapstick! The kids loved the episodes and it helped them wind down after the PinyPon party!

 Here we are waiting for the party to start, we got to make cupcakes and decorate them with sprinkles, heath bar crumbles, sugar, and Reeces Pieces. the kids loved that!
Devonny with the scavenger hunt list!

Giving out party goodies! They sent so much stuff, that each child was able to get one toy each! We raffled off the bigger toys, like the extra Pinypon Caravan/RV & the Nuenco Potty Doll.

Getting ready to decorate cupcakes!

Devonny is showing off her cupcake!!!

 Eating their decorate cupcakes, they loved making them just as much as they loved eating them!

 Making the candy necklaces!

 Showing off their candy necklaces!We used cheerios, snack sized sugar free chocolate ring cookies, lifesavers gummies, and lifesavers mints w yarn!
Gigi want hers to be more snug, it's cute though, isn't it?

Getting the LPS brushes, lipglosses, and masks, and getting ready to watch the LPS Blythe screening!
You can watch LPS Bylthe on the Hub!
Watch Saturday at 11:30am ET | 8:30am PT
Watch this snippet below!

 The Pinypon dolls are very affordable, around 3-4$ apiece  and completely interchangeable parts with one another. Their hair, heads, bodies all swap and fit each other. Their heads even have 2 faces that you spin to change each dolls expression! This will be the new hit this year, and a great sticking stuffer!  You finally dont have to be mad at your kids for ripping their dolls head off!  (LOL!)

 The girls are so excited! They had such a good time!

 Time to draw names for the BIG prizes!!! Aisley won the Nuenco Baby Doll, and Brynna won the PinyPon Caravan/RV..

 Here they are dancing after watching the movie, I turned on Pandora for them. I let all the girls have a slumber party after the activities and games were all done, and I am proud to say I survived a 6 kids sleepover (2 were mine, but still, that's a lot of kids.. I was severely outnumbered!)

I hope you enjoyed reading about our Pinypon party, as much as I enjoyed having it! I know the kids had a blast, and the moms were tickled to get all the coupons provided in the Party pack!
Also when you check out the Pinypon website, don;t forget to check out the GAMES!!

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