Wednesday, August 25, 2010

what a tangled web we weave

i found this article in trying to assess what to do about my child being taught all year the things she already knows in kindergarten. in googling, we came upon this article

i have to say, i whole heartedly disagree w most everything that is said here!
the problem is yes socially she does need kindergarten, HOWEVER should she really do 26 days straight of learning a says ahh and b says ba and c says ka ... etc.. i mean, this is going to lead her to be unchallenged, bored and possibly labeled as a problem child or troublemaker- see, the school seems to be worried about only their "rules" they say, mrs byrd, we cannot test her until she has been enrolled for 20 consecutive SCHOOL DAYS, which equals to us 1 month later. y the rush. u might wonder, when she is going to be in school ALL year? well, i think they should do IMMEDIATE evaluations, per child, as to not waste anytime. they think the best a kindergartner SHOULD do, is see sally run, run sally run, when my child could probably read this whole blog to you.

iove even read some sites online that say, oh, do you really want your kid to be 15 when every1 else is 16 and driving and dating. ... ??? yea, bc one year is such a big deal?

this article (from the same website) is also incredibly biased and only looks at one side of issue. and even says, if they are smarter in k- they will b smarter later on as well, this is not true if you are not nurturing it, and wasting a whole year teaching what is already known to the child..... you have to encourage a child to be smarter not lazier!!!! excuse my capitalization please, i am in a rush to go to bed early to get my kindergartener off to school tomorrow to be treated like a dunce (yet again)..


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