Monday, October 19, 2015

#kissable! CandyLipz: The Pouty Lips You Always Wanted. Naturally #blogReview

Thanks for reading my review of This is the cutest neatest product I have seen in awhile. I am all about all natural products. I have been trying to build my blog back up, because I haven't blogged in a year. So I have been accepting neat reviews that are pitched to me, or come my way. When this one came across my email I immediately thought of the "Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge" which I've heard is basically the same thing except done with a coke bottle? When originally pitched, I accepted without really reading. It said "lip plumper" so I automatically assumed some spicy gloss, usually the contain cayenne pepper or capsaicin- which is also used for arthritis relief. Usually lip plumpers contain these pepper juices because- well they DO make your lips swell. But only when you are using them. Which is about as painful as it sounds.. and results don't last long. 
This product however is not what I expected. When I pulled it out of the gorgeously presented box, I felt like Snow White! I twisted it apart and the bottom came off and I'm looking at it like.. ok this is the bottom part of the container holding the gloss... and kept twisting and pulling at the top of the apple to get to the "gloss" I finally gave up. Luckily it withstood all that twisting and pulling, so that's good!

 Once I read the booklet inside the box I then found that this product does something similar to what I used to do in the bathtub as a child.  See, we always had a rinse cup sitting on the edge of the tub. As a small child I would pick up the cup- place it around my mouth and under my chin, and suck the air out of the cup till it was plied onto my face.  This is the same thing and DOES WORK; albeit temporarily. There are a TON of reviews and informational videos about this and all their other many products online. 
There is no gloss at all in the apple. It is designed for you to put your lips into the bottom of the apple and suck the air out. This is how it plumps your lips.

The apple had a funny plastic smell, but that is my only complaint. Overall I think this product works, but I would be hard pressed to pay that much for it. I wish it was more like 20-25$, that's reasonable.
The best part about CandyLipz is how cute this little apple is sitting on your dresser or makeup table. It looks like a perfume container really. ADORABLE.

The site has all the information you need to know about this product and more, even facial toning exercises. These lip-pumps arv is 69$.

Xtreme Lip-Shaper System has been CLINICALLY PROVEN TO:
Increase Lip Volume immediately after application
Increase Lip Volume for up to 2 hours after first use
Increase Lip Volume after 10, 28 and 60 days of use
Reduce side effects of product application (erythema, edema, and dryness) after continued use

IMPORTANT: If you can not deal with the initial temporary bruise marks, this product is not for you. side-effects?


We suggest using the product for less time in a single application to reduce the side effects. In our experience, after an initial conditioning period, the marks are not as likely to return. If marks around the mouth last 2 weeks or longer, stop using the product. Consult professional medical advice when appropriate. Do not use on swollen, bruised, damaged, open wounds, or ulcerated lips and/or mouth.  Do not share your product with anyone for health and hygiene purposes. Do not use if you have lip implants or lip fillers.
Give your lips 7 to 10 days to adjust and adapt to the pulling suction of the lip plumper. Here are the guidelines for your first 10 days.. Using less time per application  may reduce the appearance of the cupping marks as reported by many CandyLipz users.  
Day 1: Do 4 minutes total with 1 minute duration and 1 minute break in between. 
Day 2 to day 3: Rest.
Day 4 to 6: Apply the product 1 session per day, each session will last for a total of 4 minutes with 2 minute duration and a 2 minute break in between.
Day 7 to 9: Apply the product 1 session per day, each session will last for a total of 6 minutes with 2 minute duration and a 10 minute break in between.
Day 10 and forward: You can plump your lips as often as you like. If your lips are sore, please rest a few days before you start again. Bruising should not occur again. However, all individuals conditioning period are different. If this is the case, give your lips a break until the bruises clear before you start to plump your lips again.
"We thank you for your support. We are proud to announce that CandyLipz was awarded with 3 more prestigious GOLD MEDALS from International Warsaw Invention Show! IWIS is the largest in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe international event related to innovation and inventiveness. The main organizers were: the Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers, Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, Warsaw University of Technology. Last editions, the IWIS was attended by the representatives from 23 Asian and European countries. This brings us to a total of 20 prestigious awards! Visitors and judges were amazed by CandyLipz!"
The Pouty Lips You Always Wanted. Naturally.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned below for free in hopes that I would review it on my blog. Regardless, all the opinions are mine and I only recommend products or services I use personally.

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