Wednesday, January 13, 2010

cuz ima pothole

idk y but i nvr get on here anymore- could i b bc im uber lazy now?im literally reeking of boredom. if it had a smell it would smell delicious., maybe butterfly flower by bath and body works. or maybe tommy girl, happy by clinique or even just me, by miss paris hilton. yea i smell like whore, but boredom does too! ;) lol- hahah
idk what i came here to write about. i really have not too much to say. o yes, i did find out my due date is june 1st but i will b 40 weeks on june 2nd? weird.
ill tell u why this is weird.
wird bc the new babys bday would b
june 2
gigis bday is july 2
& then u guessed it my bday is august 2

then haha funnily noahs is sept 20
yeah he missed it by 18 days
but it still has a 2! lol

k thats about it
ill leave you with the funniest bit of commercial hilariousness ive found recently

: "oh no! your tire's all flat 'n' junk! oh no, did i do that to you? i'm sorry! let me get out my cellular phone, call your record, oh shoot... i got no phone! cause...

IMA POTHOLE! ..... hmmm.....kkkkkkkk..............BYE!!!!!!!!!!


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