Tuesday, December 15, 2009

so im pretty sure

i have strep throat it hurts so bad to swallow. y o y cant people just stay at home when they are sick and stop getting innocent people in their town sick. like me? must i carry a germ ex and use a bottle per day trying to eliminate stupid people sicknesses frm my hands all day long? ugh! im especially susceptible to these things a) bc im pregnant my immune system is down. b) bc i never had my tonsils taken out, which is something im now seriously considering (after i have the baby of course) anyway so i was reading up about strep throat and i find that it has been proven in a study that strep throat during pregnancy has been linked to heart problems in the child. if left untreated.. so thats scary
anyway upon further reading i also found something else that i have never even heard of.
strep of the puss.
yea u heard me right.


youll have 2 go read it bc i could barely believe it myself.

or run a google search for strep b.


Nickel Pickle said...

The caption under the picture says- "Here I am with my friend Amber (the pirate winch) and my other friend Casey (the geisha)who is also Ambers sister."


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