Monday, December 9, 2013


I am proud to introduce to you a replacement for all those costly and unhealthy, sugar laden energy drinks you all can't seem to shake the habit of!  It's called Gung-Ho!  

GungHo has been vetted by the smartest brain scientists and medical professionals in the world:
  "PROVEN focus & concentration...builds neurotransmitters...unlike energy shots or drinks..."
  - Dr Perry Renshaw, MD, PhD, Director @ The Brain Institute @ The University of Utah

I was sooo impressed with the ingredients list!

Read on to find out some useful info the brand wants me to share, then at the bottom my opinion of this neat little travel friendly energy shot!
2013 is the Year of the Brain! Based on exciting new research, GungHo is an all-natural brain supplement shown to improve focus and concentration now as well as improve memory recall and brain health over time.

GungHo is balanced across all major neurotransmitter categories (not just the sympathetic nervous system like energy drinks). Increases beta-endorphines (science calls them "happy hormones"). Mild appetitie suppressant with no sugar, carbonation or calories.

GungHo has been covered in  AllThingsD, the WSJ, Time Magazine, Wired etc. Read over 700 customer reviews or study the science if you want more information.

Get lean & improve endurance

GungHo can offer energy once your muscles are tired, for those last reps or sprints (increased choline supports the re-synthesis of muscle). You'll typically stay “in the zone” longer, just like sensei says you should.
GungHo can also increase the level of neurotransmitters to increase your ability to metabolize fat and even help to suppress your appetite. Hunh? It'll help you lose weight, grasshopper.
No sugar. No carbonation. 4 calories. All killer, no filler.
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There's a dangerous epidemic:  Black-market "focus/study-drug" addiction (class-A addictive like Cocaine)...or energy drink-overload by overwhelmed students and moms who need a focus/productivity/energy boost. 1 in 4 college students take illegal ADHD (focus) drugs to finish papers/ace tests. Moms just struggle to get through the day.

Women, especially Moms, are the busiest people in the world; typically more tired and worn-out than men. So why are 85% of the consumers of energy supplements male? Female physiology experts have explained that Caffeine & B Vitamin overload is a nightmare physiologically for women.


I am a coffee addict! Can't live without it. I have to have my caffeine. But the more coffee I drink, the more tolerance I seem to get to it's effects. Drinking more used to help, but now I worry about all those unnecessary calories and sugar! Don't drink your calories! Plus, it doesn't seem like coffee is even doing anything anymore. Time to move onto a new product! But taking care of two young kids and when you add the fact that I am an insomniac can having tiring results that drag me down throughout the day! Needless to say I was slightly skeptical. I being I myself tried GungHo and didn't know what to expect! I found it to be surprisingly tasty and gave me an excess boost of energy, a pick me up that lasted from when the mail ran, (because of course I drank it right away!) until I went to bed. It did not have any ill side effects and also didn't kep me up!  If you look on the product's website you'll find that they have a great free sample* offer. So try it now risk free! The free trial-pack to my readers with this link: You just pay $2.99 shipping and get a free 3-pack. Tell them Locomotion of Expressions sent you! I love that if your a social bee (like Me!) you can earn 15$ towards the purchase of your Gung-Ho order with their sharing program, which is super easy! If you have tried it, comment below what you thought of it! Talk to me! Thanks for continuing to read Locomotion of Expressions!

On Twitter: @GungHoFocus

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