Sunday, January 23, 2011

REVIEW! LoveFashionMusic Etsy!

LoveFashionMusic's Etsy StoreFront

mona flint
New York City

Have fun browsing her exclusive Fashion Rocks catalog and enjoy full access to the coolest "Tribute-Wear" of your favorite Rock 'n' Roll icons! Free gift wrap with code WRAPROCKS all Cyber Monday long!
This season's Must-Have's make the coolest gifts! Have a look at our photo printed AC/DC Skirt, or the extra cute Beatles Tunic Dress! Just looking for an Accessory? Maybe you're not sure which icon rocks your loved ones world? Opt to give an IdilViceFashionRocks Gift Card and you're sure to be someone's coolest gift giver!

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Woodstock we added the Woodstock Clothing category, have a peak!

IdilViceFashionRocks Best-Sellers include: the cool Printed T-Shirt Skirts or T-Skirts such as the Michael Jackson Skirts, the Bob Marley Skirt or our Blondie Skirt, the choice is yours!
Then check out our Printed Strapless Dresses - they're always fabulous!

Have you seen Gwen Stefani wearing IdilViceFashionRocks's The Specials SKA Tribute T-Shirt Top? She Rocks!

She is offering my readers a 10% discount for the month of February, just use promo code ' caseyrocks ' when you order from her website!

My personal Favorite item she carries is this :


the clothing lines she has!

Music and icons and people of all genres, all time frames!!
Ac/dc Clothing
Adicts Clothing
B-52's Skirts
Batman Clothing
Beatles Clothing
Betty Boop Clothing
Betty Page Clothing
Billie Holiday Clothing
Billy Idol Clothing
Black Flag Clothing
Blondie Clothing
Bob Dylan Clothing
Bob Marley Clothing
Bones Clothing
Bruce Lee Clothing
Cars Dresses
Cheap Trick Skirts
Cindy Lauper Clothing
Dark Knight Clothing
David Bowie Clothing
Dead Kennedys Clothing
Deep Purple Clothing
Depeche Mode Clothing
Divine Jackets
Dizzy Gillespie Clothing
Dr. Dre Clothing
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Clothing
Einstein Clothing
Elvira Clothing
Elvis Presley Clothing
Ferrari Clothing
Funkadelic Clothing
Gene Simmons Clothing
George Clinton Dresses
Godzilla Clothing
Grateful Dead Clothing
Green Day Clothing
Guns N Roses Clothing
Ian Curtis Clothing
Ice-T Clothing
Iggy Pop Dresses
James Dean Clothing
Janis Joplin Clothing
Jerry Garcia Skirts
Jimi Hendrix Clothing
Jim Morrison Clothing
Joan Jett Clothing
John Lennon Clothing
Johnny Cash Clothing
Joy Division Clothing
Keith Richards Clothing
Keke Palmer T-shirts
Kid Rock Clothing
Kim Kardashian Clothing
Kiss Clothing
Lady Gaga Clothing
Lucille Ball Clothing
Madonna Clothing
Malcolm X Clothing
Marc Anthony Clothing
Mariah Carey Clothing
Marilyn Manson Clothing
Marilyn Monroe Clothing
Metallica Clothing
Michael Jackson Clothing
Mick Jagger Clothing
Miles Davis Clothing
Misfits Clothing
Nirvana Clothing
Ny Dolls Clothing
Pink Floyd Clothing
Popeye Clothing
Powell Peralta Clothing
Public Enemy Clothing
Ramones Clothing
Robert Smith Clothing
Rocky Horror Picture Show Clothing
Rolling Stones Clothing
Roy Orbison Clothing
Run Dmc Clothing
Sex Pistols Clothing
Siouxsie And The Banshees Clothing
Slash Clothing
Specials Clothing
Star Trek Clothing
Superman Clothing
T. Rex Clothing
Technics Clothing
Television Clothing
The Cure Clothing
The Police Clothing
The Who Clothing
Undertones Clothing
Velvet Underground Clothing
Woodstock Clothing
X-Ray Spex Clothing

Check her out!

she also has another store @ HERE!


backstabber2348 said...

that dress is pretty!


I love it! I especially love her shop... :)

sandiesfriend1 said...

I love the Janis Joplin clothing!! If I were rich, I would buy the whole lot of them!!

sandiesfriend1 said...

the paul stanley long sleeved dress is gorgeous!!

sandiesfriend1 said...

I also love the "hippie" clothing, like the patchwork skirt.. funny, in the seventies, that was just regular clothes to me!!

sandiesfriend1 said...

wish i had enough money to buy everyone something from this site for Christmas 2011!

sandiesfriend1 said...

I wish I could wear the strapless dresses, they are all cute. I even like the Madonna dresses, and I don't even like Madonna's music (for the most part!)


i didn't know this was a giveaway.

caseycolette said...

haha its not! forgive them they are grandmas! LOL

Heather M said...

Cute Stuff. Follower #39

hmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

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