Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Meet – the accommodation-sharing site for conscious travellers

The future of travel accommodation just got zeroed. Finnish renewable energy company Neste introduces Zerobnb, a site where people across the world can list sustainable alternatives for holiday lodging. This act is a gentle nudge to inspire the world’s biggest accommodation-sharing site Airbnb to add a sustainable housing section onto their site, and will only be live until Airbnb adds this essential category.


Launching – Neste encouraging Airbnb to add sustainable accommodation category
Neste Corporation News 24 October 2018 at 8 am (EET)
Airbnb, the world’s biggest accommodation-sharing site, has advanced sustainable tourism, but  the demand for more ecological travel is growing. Whilst the site features categories such as ‘Plus’ and ‘Family’, it is missing something essential: a category for sustainable accommodation.
Hoping to gently provoke Airbnb into adding the essential category, Neste, the world's leading producer of renewable diesel and the second most sustainable company in the world is introducing It is a site where people can list sustainable alternatives for holiday accommodation.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Schiffer Book review: A is for Anchor

This unique alphabet book came to us courtesy of Schiffer Publishing. 

* this book includes a gorgeous poster of the alphabet yo hang in your child's room. My little boy does love this book he is 3, Rowan. 

This book is by Paul Slifer. It is inspired by designs from traditional western tattoo art. 
This is my sons favorite book he was sent. He looks at it over and over again, sounding out phonics from the words, "A is for anchor, anchor says "AAAA" its really adorable.

It is a unique book because the letters are in the graphic style of Tattoo Art. Each picture in this book is breathtakingly captured in a way to make your child's imagination soar!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Cars, love and music


Is there anything better than belting out your favorite song in the car? Whether it’s a road trip or just a solo grocery store trip, you’ve never felt so much like a rock star in the privacy of your own ride.
The connection between music and cars has existed ever since they started putting radios into cars in the 1930s—and the tie didn’t end there. Musicians have married this relationship between music and cars by using cars as their ultimate muse. We all know the famous songs about cars like the Beatles’ “Baby You Can Drive My Car” or Prince’s “Little Red Corvette,” but just how many songs about cars are there?
We decided to take a drive through the data about cars and songs to determine which artists and musicians mention cars the most in their lyrics. We analyzed over 100,000 songs to determine how many mention cars within their lyrics. In our research, we included various car variants such as “cars,” “coupe,” “whip,” “truck,” “4×4” and others as well as car brands and models like “Bentley,” “Ford,” “Mustang,” “Chevrolet,” and more.
So, which artists are car crazy and who sings the most about cars? Let’s take a look at the results.

Musicians have embraced the relationship between music and cars for decades, but we wanted to know which artists sing the most about cars?
To try and find out, we analyzed 100,000 songs from the database.
  • More than 13,000 artists and 72,000 songs mention car search terms within their lyrics. This includes variants (car, cars, coupe, whip, truck 4x4 etc.)
  • 94% of the top 100 musicians who reference cars in their songs are classified as hip hop artists or rappers.
  • We also included a breakdown of who sings the most about cars by music genre, the most mentioned cars (Mercedes, Cadillac and Bentley are the top 3) as well as the artists that reference specific brands the most. 
Our full analysis can be seen here. Take a look!

#review #children's book #halloweenstory "Into the Pumpkin" ( a kid--friendly yet #spookyStory ) by Linda Franklin. #halloweenstories

Product description

This book came right on time!  The children all gathered round and we all read it together, each taking turns reading page by page. 
I like that the pictures are drawn so spookily, and the kids liked the "creepy font" used. 
Regardless of what your flavor or taste for a spine chilling age-appropriate read, this book will fit your niche. 
The best part was the pictures of ghosts- because that exactly what we imagine they would look like. That makes this book easy to understand for a toddler who can't yet read, but still intriguing enough for an older child to retain interest in.

Most of my Schiffer reviews have been Christmas present recommendations, because books are the ultimate gift to give your child. They truly do give back your investment. But this book, it's a Halloween book, with a spooky hook, that you'll love to share and keep in your nook!

About the Author

Linda Franklin is an award-winning artist whose work is widely exhibited in private collections throughout the United States. She is also a celebrated teacher who has launched many aspiring artists onto careers of their own.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Leslie Haines and Priscilla Cummings: children's book authors of Animal Abecedary one-of-a-kind Alphabet Book & Chadwick and Friends lift-the-flap board book

This is review 3, in a series of reviews Locomotion of Expressions is doing for Schiffer Publishing.

If you would like to view the other reviews, the links will be along the bottom of this post. Did I mention they are all children's books?

Like the others I have recently reviewed, these two make an excellent addition to the gifts you might place under your tree this year. I'm always looking for great gifts to share with my readers at the end of the year- because, if you are anything like me, you draw a blank at the end of the year and don't really know what to get for whom. So these will be great little light bulbs if you want to come back later in the year.

Get it? A lioness, with a lightbulb and a lemon?

 As for me, I usually buy my Christmas all year long so I'm not bombarded and broke by the end of the season. What can I say?
I'm a christmas present hoarder!

These two books featured in This post were sent for my youngest Colin Jordan.  " Little C.J. "

Even though he is only a little over 1, reading books is so important to encourage literacy. Yes, even at such a young age. These books also help hand eye coordination and motor skills. I loved "Animal Abecedary" to use with my 3 and a half year old Rowan Aames to help encourage his phonic skills.  For instance, my favorite image in the hook is the D. It's a downward facing dog in a donut w/ dynamite! Cute, right?

From Leslie Haines squarespace:

One of the best parts of this book was the beautiful artwork and how the child can use the pictures to help them understand each word starts with the same letter on the picture. But absolute ultimate best part is actually the poster which comes inside the back flap adorned with said illustrations.
I hung it up immediately in the boys toddler playroom.

I included the pictures of the gorgeous poster in this post.